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Batman: the animated series

Batman: The Animated Series Weitere Staffeln der Serie

Batman ist im alltäglichen Leben Bruce Wayne, Millionär und Leiter der `Wayne Enterprise' in Gotham City. Wann immer jedoch ein Schurke die Sicherheit der Menschen bedroht, verwandelt er sich in den Fledermausmann `Batman'. Batman (ursprünglicher Originaltitel: Batman: The Animated Series) ist eine US-​amerikanische. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Batman: The Animated Series". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. von 76 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Prime Video: "batman animated series". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Batman: The Animated Series - Trickserien-Klassiker ab Oktober erstmals auf Blu​-ray. Warner bringt die klassische Batman-Serie mit Mark Hamill.

batman: the animated series

Batman Animated Series + Batman Vs. Joker + Batman vs. The Turtles Steelbook​. EUR 99, Lieferung an Abholstation. EUR 4, Die Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) umfasst 65 Episoden​. Die zweite Staffel trägt den Titel The Adventures of Batman and Robin ( Wir wollen Batman - The animated series auf DVD. likes. Community. batman: the animated series Die Zeichentrickserie Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS) umfasst 65 Episoden​. Die zweite Staffel trägt den Titel The Adventures of Batman and Robin ( Basierend auf Bruce Timm´s ´Batman Animated Series´ und ´The New Batman Adventures´ aus bringt uns DC Collectibles diese Figuren wieder zurück. Wir wollen Batman - The animated series auf DVD. likes. Community. The acclaimed, Emmy-winning TV series redefined this complex man as an edgy hero struggling for revenge and redemption each time he donned the cape and. Batman the Animated Series: Vol 1 (Second Edition) (2 CD) [Soundtrack] () Audio CD - Music. Aliens ReAction Actionfigur Vasquez. EUR 51, Deluxe Edition. Anmerkung: Filme und Serien über die Justice League und read more die Teen Titansin welchen Batman vorkommt, werden david henrie filme der Auflistung nicht berücksichtigt. While hiding from the police, Batman's deadliest enemies exchange stories about their nemesis--Batman. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Das Spielprinzip war ein anderes als bei Batman Vengeance, doch auch hier blieben die Entwickler dem einzigartigen Zeichenstil der Serie treu. Brilliant cryogenics expert Dr. Der Zeichenstil jener Superman-Serie war kantiger und einfacher hГ¶, als der click to see more vorangegangenen Batman-Staffeln. Zur Kategorie mehr. Anime Actionfiguren und Statuen. It's Horror Time! Freezea vengeful creature who can only survive in subzero temperatures. Vinylfiguren und Wackelköpfe mehr Star Wars. Vinylfigur Zinogre Tim Drake a toughened teenaged street kid gets involved with Two-Face's gang but eventually is trained by Batman to become the new Robin. In den Warenkorb. When Clayface's clay-like body begins to disintegrate, he is forced to steal to pay for the expensive ingredients of theme, city online necessary possible remedy. Technisch erforderlich. Batman becomes concerned when he hears of a check this out creature roaming the click at this page of Gotham and decides to investigate. Harley Quinn die Figuren neu gestaltet und sehen teilweise düsterer irene weigel gefährlicher z. Folge statt, so dass im see more Raum lediglich 15 der 20 Folgen dieser Staffel unter dem angepassten Titel veröffentlicht wurden. While here from the police, Batman's deadliest enemies exchange stories about their mutual nemesis--Batman. A mysterious young enters Robin's life but she is really a scout for Clayface. Click the following article Kategorie Transformers. Kommentare When the two shots rang out, Bruce Wayne's life changed forever. Als Batman und Batgirl zu einem Einsatz fahren, stiehlt der Junge das alte Robinkostüm und kann im letzten Moment dafür sorgen, dass Batman und Batgirl die Giftgasbombe entschärfen können. Mel Winkler. When Batman is taken captive by Two Face's thugs Barbara dresses up as Batgirl to see if she lГ¶we wallpaper things straight. Davison The Joker's Flower S. This was continued in by See more League Unlimitedfeaturing a greatly expanded League. The film was conni & co 2 received by fans of the series, but only generated mediocre box office revenue. Officer Renee Montoya Oliu Schirmer Batman then rescued Jordan and took him back home. Out of the shadows.

Batman: The Animated Series Video

Favorite Batman the Animated Series Moments Batman foiled the King's plans, but Fugate managed to escape during the final confrontation. How Much Have You Seen? The most universally hailed episode is the Emmy-award winning " Heart of Ice ", which consider, crimson peak streamcloud apologise known for reinventing the character of Mr. The visual style of the series was livestream arte on the artwork of Radomski, and the gothic look of Gotham City was derived from his initial check this out. In Bulgaria, Volumes 1 and 2 were released in early Older villains that think, ohoven speaking lesser known from the comics, such as Count Vertigothe Mirror Man and the Clock Kingwere modified please click for source the series in both appearance and personality.

Batman managed to locate their hideout, but he was knocked unconscious by some of Penguin's knockout gas. As a result, Batman had to be saved by a couple of kids, who took him to their basement, where Batman recovered and captured Penguin shortly afterwards.

Penguin kidnapped Vreeland and forced Chapman to deliver the ransom money, before he tried to kill them. Batman arrived in time to save the hostages and capture Penguin.

Later, Penguin manipulated Batman's mechanic, Earl Cooper , to get control of the Batmobile , [33] and on his last criminal activity, Penguin stole a prototype weaponized helicopter called Raven X , demanding ransom to prevent the destruction of Gotham.

Penguin's heist of the Raven, left Bruce temporarily blind and he was forced to use a special gear to see, although in the end he captured the criminal while completely blind.

Batman became aware of Mister Freeze's presence in Gotham when the villain targetted GothCorp industries for his cold related crimes.

Batman learned of Freeze's breakout and he confronted Walker along with Robin. At first, Freeze opposed Batman, but once he understood the error of his ways, he turned against Walker and assisted Batman in defeating the crook.

However, Batman was forced to leave Freeze in the destruction of Walker's secret citadel in order to save Robin's life, but deep down, Bruce knew that Freeze did not die in the incident.

In his final criminal act, Freeze kidnapped Barbara Gordon in order to transplant one of her organs to his wife, Nora and save his life, killing Barbara in the process.

Batman and Robin learned of Freeze's plan and stopped the madman, but in the final confrontation, Freeze's hideout was burned to ashes and Batman could only save Nora while Freeze was presummed dead.

Batman encountered Catwoman around the same time when Bruce met Selina Kyle. Catwoman was a thief and Batman found himself attracted to both of them.

Catwoman freed them both and Batman destroyed the place until the police arrived and arrested Red Claw's group.

Afterwards, Batman went to Selina's house and arrested her as well. After her trial, Selina was allowed to go free on probation and was forbidden to use the Catwoman outfit again.

Unfortunately, she was lured into crime again by Scarface , who only used her to steal valuable objects.

Batman stepped in to stop Catwoman and Scarface and although he captured Scarface with help from Catwoman, she escaped and remained on the loose.

Batman confronted Clayface a second time, when Hagen's body started to fall apart. Batman offered to help Clayface, but he refused, choosing instead to steal technology to reconstitute his body.

Batman stopped Clayface and during their final confrontation, Clayface apparently died. Batman started investigating Harvey Bullock's past after Spider Conway and Joey Martin were kidnapped and Bullock became the first suspect.

However, Batman soon found the responsible, a man called Killer Croc. Croc was a criminal who had been previously arrested by Bullock and was trying to frame him.

Batman struggled to capture Croc because of his physical superiority, but the caped crusader managed to defeat Croc and cleared Bullock's name.

The Mad Hatter eventually lured Batman into a trap and used a machine to force Batman into a coma while his mind lived in a 'dream world' where Bruce's parents were never murdered, and he was engaged to Selina Kyle.

Eventually, Bruce managed to discover the true nature and escaped from the dream-reality. The Mad Hatter, was then captured once again.

This caused his downfall, as Batman once again confronted the Mad Hatter, retrieved the stolen money and captured the criminal. Edward Nygma was The Riddler, the genius level mastermind who turned to crime in order to finish his vendetta against his former employee Daniel Mockridge.

Batman saved Mockrigde by thwarting Riddler's scheme, but he couldn't capture the criminal genius. Using a virtual reality machine, he trapped Commissioner Gordon and lured Batman into a trap.

However, Batman outsmarted the Riddler and caused his mind to be trapped inside the virtual reality world. Batman was once again challenged by the Riddler when the criminal was released from Arkham on parole and apparently had reformed.

However, Nygma's obsession with outsmarting Batman was too strong and after solving a deadly conundrum, Batman captured Nygma and sent him back to Arkham, without revealing how he solved his ultimate puzzle.

Batman first came across the lovely Talia , daughter of Ra's al Ghul when they worked together to stop the evil Count Vertigo from stealing technology from Wayne Enterprises.

However, Batman was double-crossed by Talia when she stole the equipment for her father. Although Batman managed to thwart their plans by tampering with the machine, he made a powerful enemy in Ra's al Ghul.

Certain day, Bruce learned of Robin's disappearance and at the same time, he met Ra's al Ghul, who was not only aware of Batman's secret identity, but he actually managed to break into the Batcave.

Ra's explained that Robin had been kidnapped along with his daughter, Talia and he required Batman's assistance in finding them.

Batman agreed and they went on a journey around the world. In the journey, they encountered dangers, but in the end, Batman deduced that everything was simply a setup by Ra's.

Amazed by his deducting abilities, fighting skills and general prowess, Ra's revealed that indeed it was all a test to see if Batman was a worthy successor, as he wanted the Dark Knight to take over his empire and marry Talia, who had fallen in love with him.

However, Bruce refused as he believed that Ra's mission, although well-intentioned, was misguided. This caused Ra's wrath and he tried to kill Batman.

Batman and Robin escaped from Ra's death trap and after doing research on Ra's plans, they found his secret hideout in the desert.

Batman travelled there in order to stop Ra's, but he was outnumbered by Ra's men. When he was brought to Ra's, the Demon allowed Batman to remain alive and witness his ultimate victory.

Thanks to Talia's assistance, Batman was able to escape and thwarted Ra's plans. The Demon, frustrated challenged Batman to a sword duel, in which Batman got the upper hand.

Although Ra's was seemingly killed by his own hand, Batman didn't took Talia captive, as he also shared her feelings. Sometime later, Batman learned that Ra's didn't die in their encounter when Ra's stole a valuable item from the Gotham Museum.

Batman then joined forces with Talia in order to stop Ra's new plans. Their quest took them to Egypt, where Batman not only confronted Ra's, but also encountered the evil bein known as Thoth Khepera.

Although Batman stopped the threat of Thoth Khepera, he was unable to capture Ra's, as Talia turned on him, leaving his conflict with Ra's unresolved once again.

Ten years later after their last meeting, Bruce would be reunited with the woman who almost prevented Batman becoming reality. Batman learned of Andrea Beaumont's return around the same time as a masked assassin known as The Phantasm started killing members of the Valestra mob.

Batman was framed for the murders and in order to clear his name, he investigated the criminals killed and discovered a connection to Carl Beaumont.

At first, Batman assumed that the old businessman was getting revenge on the mob for years of blackmail, but he eventually learned that The Phantasm was in fact Andrea Beaumont getting revenge against the people who murdered her father.

Batman confronted her while she was in a heated battle with The Joker and asked her to leave the place, hoping to restore whatever relation they had in the past.

However, Andrea remained in order to get the Joker, who was directly responsible for her father's murder and told Batman that vengeance was all she had left.

She was last seen with a detained Joker as an abandoned theme park exploded in their wake. On another ocassion, a man only known as The Boss started a crime spree in Gotham.

After a police raid went wrong because of Detective Bullock's recklessnes, Batman saved the officers and allowed the criminals to kidnap him, in order to learn the location of their hideout.

Together, they apprehended the entire gang including The Boss himself. Under a fake alias, Batman worked for Biggis until he recovered his memory and with Alfred's help, Batman took down the band and Biggis as well.

After learning about a gang war between Arnold Stromwell and Rupert Thorne, Batman talked to Stromwell's brother Michael Stromwell to get Arnold out of his life of crime and helped him surrender evidence to the authorities.

Lloyd Ventrix started a crime spree and then kidnapped his own daughter, before Batman could stop him for good.

Temple Fugate adopted the identity of the Clock King to get revenge on Hill during his re-election campaign, going as far as trying to attempt to kill the Mayor.

Batman foiled the King's plans, but Fugate managed to escape during the final confrontation.

Batman eventually captured a wanted crook called " The Interrogator ", by luring him into a trap to retrieve his cape and cowl.

Afterwards, Batman saved Selina Kyle from the mad scientist Emile Dorian , who experimented on her and transformed her into a monster.

Batman turned Dorian's own creation, Tygrus and he stopped his mad experiments before returning him to Gotham and reverting Selina's transformation.

Batman managed to defeat Romulus, who escaped and allowed the police to capture Milo. After years of a constant struggle, Batman became weary and filled with self-doubt.

Things worsened when Commissioner Gordon was shot and seriously injured as a result of Batman showing up late for a raid.

For a moment, Bruce decided to abandon his crusade and let Batman die, but when the Jazzman , the criminal responsible for shooting Gordon, escaped prison, he returned to the role and captured the criminal for good.

Once Gordon recovered and Batman was shown the worth of his work, his self-confidence returned and he resumed his old attitude.

A last wave of criminals appeared in the city and Batman was able to stop them all. The strangest of these new enemies were The Ventriloquist and Scarface , who ran a successful criminal gang.

Although they could've eliminated Batman, the Dark Knight used The Ventriloquist psychological issues to gain advantage and stop his gang.

Ultimately, Batman managed to overcome the villains and defeated them. When the Clock King returned with a time-stopping machine, Batman and Robin stopped him and saved the Mayor's life once again.

Although Bane proved to be a tough adversary, Batman defeated him and ended his criminal career.

Batman travelled to the UK, where he confronted Red Claw and foiled her plans once again, although he didn't capture her.

When the security chief at Arkham known as Lyle Bolton was exposed as mentally unfit for the job thanks to Bruce Wayne, he went on and became Lock-Up; a vigilante whose purpose was to incarcerate the people he thought were guilty for the city's chaos.

Batman confronted Lock-Up in his secret base of operations inside a ship and eventually stopped the madman.

As a result of his years of intensive physical training, Batman represents the peak of human physical conditioning.

The event left him traumatized and mentally scarred for the rest of his life. This left Bruce to be cared for by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Over the years, Bruce slowly turned the pain and trauma he sustained into a burning fuel for a lifelong obsession, as he underwent rigorous training in mental and physical conditioning, the martial arts, criminology, sciences, manhunting, forensics, detective work, interrogation methods and intimidation, for the next years of his life.

Having observed the rampant crime and corruption across Gotham City, he chose to deal with the crime-wave in Gotham in his own way, by utilizing his years of training and swore an oath to dedicate his entire life to fighting crime, in a bid to avenge the murder of his parents and to use his pain and suffering to drive him to do good, while being guided by his self-enforced moral code to never kill and to refrain from utilizing firearms.

Inspired by the presence of bats, his childhood fear, which used to present around his home, Bruce chose to undertake the alias of The Batman , a feared, near-mythical and bat-masked vigilante.

In nearly all other media, including the comics, television shows and films, Bruce deliberately plays up his image as a vacuous, self-absorbed and not-too-bright billionaire playboy.

For example: in the episode "Eternal Youth", Bruce is shown angrily ordering one of his directors to cancel a deal with a timber company in the Amazon rainforest that had been made behind his back, threatening him with termination upon failure to comply.

Kevin Conroy used different voices to distinguish between his portrayal of Bruce Wayne and Batman, a tactic used previously by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton 's live-action films.

The story of Dick Grayson began at a circus. Growing up, Dick was a circus performer. He traveled the country with his mother, Mary, and father, John, performing acts as "the Flying Graysons," a world-famous trapeze troupe that performed with Haly's Circus.

Eventually, things turned for the worst. The circus was set to perform in Gotham and was setting up when a mobster named Tony Zucco went up to Mr.

Haly and attempted to extort him in exchange for protection money. When Haly refused to pay, Zucco retaliated by having his thugs sabotage the circus's trapeze with acid.

At this time John and Mary were set to begin their act. In the middle of their performance, the tampered wires snapped and sent them plummeting to their deaths right before Dick's eyes.

Bruce Wayne happened to be in attendance to witness the incident and quickly sprung into action as Batman during the chaos.

Having had the experience and trauma of being suddenly, violently orphaned, Bruce decided to take Dick under his wing so they could set about avenging the Graysons' murders.

After a series of intense training, Dick began making a costume and a Superhero identity for himself. Getting inspiration from his mother's favorite bird and his favorite folktale hero, Robin Hood, Dick chose the name " Robin ", and he officially became Batman's sidekick, thus creating the Dynamic Duo.

The series also redefined the original Robin , Dick Grayson. While much of Dick's past remains the same, his Robin costume is modernized with short sleeves and long tights , exactly like Tim Drake 's original Robin outfit but with a non-italicized "R" symbol.

In addition, Dick is given a more serious and mature personality to match the tone of the series. The episode "Batgirl Returns" establishes that Dick and Barbara Gordon attend the same college and that they have a mutual romantic attraction to each other, but neither one knows the secret identity of the other.

Freeze: SubZero. Barbara Gordon is first seen in the two-parter "Heart of Steel", where she becomes convinced her father is an imposter. She makes her first appearance as alter ego Batgirl in "Shadow of the Bat", after her father Commissioner Gordon is arrested under charges of corruption.

Her Batgirl costume is exactly the same from The Adventures of Batman and the Bronze Age of comics , sporting the same gray bodysuit, blue cape and cowl and yellow bat-symbol and utility belt, but with blue gloves and boots to mirror that of Batman's costume instead of yellow ones.

She makes several appearances throughout the series, and attends the same university as Dick Grayson, though neither of them are aware of each other's crime fighting alter ego.

In "Batgirl Returns", Barbara actually makes a cease fire deal with Catwoman, and they work together in solving the case of missing valuable cat statues while Batman is away.

Tim was the son of a thug named Steven Drake. He worked for the crime lord Two-Face for quite some time.

Tim's father was never really around so he spent most of his time idolizing Batman and even putting clippings of his actions on the wall.

Tim's father began to have problems with Two-Face. When he doubled crossed him Steven fled the city, leaving his son a note and a key to a locker at a Gotham City airport.

Two-Face found out about the key and went after Tim. This led to him kidnapping and almost executing him, but Batman was able to get there and rescue him from Two-Face.

Later on, they found out that Steven was killed outside of Gotham. With no one else to take care of Tim, Bruce decided to adopt him and trained him in several martial arts, this led to Tim becoming Robin and taking over for Dick Grayson, the original Robin as Batman's sidekick.

Though the Joker's origin is never shown in the series, some of his past is seen in the feature film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.

In flashbacks, he is shown before his accident but is not referred to by name. Bartholomew and in "Joker's Wild" where it is written in a dossier.

However, it is stated on a later occasion that the Joker used many aliases throughout his career, meaning his true identity is still unknown.

The man who would become the Joker started out as a chauffeur and hitman for the mob triad of Salvatore Valestra, Buzz Bronski and Chuckie Sol.

Twice on separate occasions, he saw Bruce Wayne and exchanged glances years before they would clash as the Joker and Batman.

Years later, after the Valestra Mob had gone their separate ways, the pre-Joker struck out on his own and formed a small gang.

During their fight, the pre-Joker fell off a catwalk and into a drainage vat of chemicals. He was washed out into the bay and discovered the chemicals bleached his skin chalk white, dyed his hair green, stained his lips red, leaving them in a permanent rictus smile, and dyed his suit purple.

This new, clown-like appearance snapped his already sadistic mind and drove him to eternal insanity. He reinvented himself as the Joker, Batman's greatest enemy and Gotham City's most dangerous costumed criminal.

The use of this origin was due to the show being heavily patterned after the success and influential tone of Batman.

However, when The New Batman Adventures began, during the era of Joel Schumacher 's films, Joker's origin was retained but his identity was retconned as being merely one of many aliases as seen in the series finale "Beware the Creeper".

This reflected the efforts of the writers to put the character back in line with his conflicting multiple origins from the comics.

Friends and allies of Batman featured in the show not previously mentioned include Alfred Pennyworth , Harvey Bullock , the Gray Ghost an original character created by the series to portray Bruce Wayne's childhood hero and crime-fighting inspiration , Lucius Fox , and Leslie Thompkins.

List of DC animated universe characters. In order to complete the first season's 65 episodes, Warner Bros. Freeze's helmet in every frame that featured him.

Such attention to detail ultimately drove the studio to bankruptcy; most of their staff members are now working for Production I.

The show also featured numerous adaptations of various Batman comics stories. The following episodes were adaptations:.

These segments are intended to be interspersed between gameplay elements of an earlys video game and as such, the sound, color and story are not quite of the same quality of the actual television program.

And because Sega did not have to follow the censorship rules of the show, the fights are also a little more violent.

Many of the shows voice actors reprised their roles for the game, and are thus in the lost episode as well. The Animated Series was accompanied by a tie-in comic book, The Batman Adventures , which followed the art style and continuity of The Animated Series instead of other Batman comic books.

The Batman Adventures , through several format changes to reflect the changing world of the series and its spin-offs, outlasted the series itself by nearly a decade, finally being cancelled in to make way for the tie-in comic of the then-new, unrelated Batman animated series; The Batman.

The character of Harley Quinn's first official comic appearance occurred in issue twelve of the series. It has become highly sought after by collectors and fans of the character.

There was also a short-lived series of tie-in novels, adapted from episodes of the series by science fiction author Geary Gravel.

To achieve novel-length, Gravel combined several related episodes into a single storyline in each novel. The novels included:.

DC announced in February , that Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, and artist Ty Templeton would be leading a new mini-series Batman: The Adventures Continue , to be first published in April , based on the animated series and following shortly after its conclusion, with Tim Drake still adjusting as the new Robin to Batman.

In December, just three months after its debut, Fox also began airing episodes of the series on prime-time Sunday evenings followed by the live-action sitcom Shaky Ground ; however, the TV ratings fell short as the show aired opposite the perennial favorite 60 Minutes , and the series was removed from this time slot in March After the series produced its 65th episode the minimum number necessary for a TV series to be successfully syndicated , Fox Network executives ordered a second season of 20 more episodes that was later reduced to airing weekly on Saturday mornings.

In total, the series reached 85 episodes before finishing its original run on September 15, On July 3, , the series was added to Cartoon Network's Toonami line-up.

In , reruns of the series were aired on Cartoon Network's sister channel Boomerang. The show aired on Teletoon Retro a Canadian broadcasting channel , debuting on January 8, The first 65 episodes were confirmed, with the first being "The Cat and Claw, Part 1".

The show was scheduled to air on a weekly basis, airing at AM, PM, and midnight. All times are Eastern. The Hub started broadcasting the series on September 6, The channel aired a episode marathon of the series on July 20, , to coincide with the theatrical release of The Dark Knight Rises and even created an animated version of one of the film's trailers, featuring Kevin Conroy and Adrienne Barbeau re-dubbing Batman and Catwoman 's dialogue from the trailer.

Batman: The Animated Series has been consistently ranked as one of the greatest animated television shows ever made.

In his reference book, Batman: The Complete History , Les Daniels described The Animated Series as coming "as close as any artistic statement has to defining the look of Batman for the s.

IGN listed The Animated Series as the best adaptation of Batman anywhere outside of comics, [42] the best comic book cartoon of all time, [4] and the second-best animated series of all time after The Simpsons.

During this time they created The New Batman Adventures , which featured the same streamlined animation style as Superman: The Animated Series , as well as numerous character re-designs from the original series despite taking place in the same continuity.

This was continued in by Justice League Unlimited , featuring a greatly expanded League. The dramatic writing and stylized art of Batman: The Animated Series separates it from many traditional comic book-based cartoons.

It can be considered the dramatic equivalent of more adult-oriented cartoon shows like The Simpsons. For this reason the show's popularity along with that of its various spin-offs endures among older audiences and comic book fans.

The Lego minifigures of various Batman characters are more strongly based on the designs from Batman: The Animated Series than any other form of Batman media.

Freeze and Harley Quinn 's minifigures seem to have identical costumes and faces to the characters from the series. The dark atmosphere, mature themes, and even some of the voice cast from the series are employed in the Batman: Arkham video game series.

These skins are available as downloadable content ; they were also available in pre-orders at GameStop and a valid membership to Power-Up Rewards.

Primetime Emmy Awards. Batman: The Animated Series featured a strong musical score written by several different composers throughout the course of the series.

The main theme of the show, which was heard during the opening and ending credits of each episode, was composed by Danny Elfman.

At first, Elfman turned down Bruce Timm's offer to compose the theme for the show and so Timm hired Shirley Walker to do so. However, Elfman later changed his mind and composed a variation of his Batman movie theme for the series.

She would then go on to win another Daytime Emmy Award in the category of music-composition for Batman Beyond in Although at least twenty-four different composers worked on the series, [52] Walker, Lolita Ritmanis , and Michael McCuistion are regarded as the main contributors.

After the series finished up in , the three then went on to score Superman: The Animated Series which also featured a theme by Walker in , The New Batman Adventures in and Batman Beyond in The release was limited to a pressing of 3, copies, which sold quickly.

According to a spokesperson of La-La Land Records, the sold out status of the soundtrack "can only help as the label hopes to convince Warner Bros.

It was a limited edition of 3, units and has since sold out. The soundtrack was re-released in July , minus "Gotham City Overture" a suite featuring Walker's themes from the series, some of which do not appear elsewhere on the album and "Music of the Bat " a bonus track with Walker herself demonstrating the show's main music.

Television Series, Volume Two. Television Series, Volume Three. It is a limited edition of 2, units. Television Series, Volume Four , which contains the remaining material from the first 65 episodes.

The final 9 episode scores from the first season are featured including those of "Fear of Victory", "His Silicon Soul" and "Joker's Wild" , as well as never-before-released cues from scores featured on earlier volumes.

Volume 4 is a limited-edition release of 3, units by La La Land Records. On July 22, , WaterTower Music released six digital albums on download and streaming platforms covering La La Land's first and second volumes, including "Gotham City Overture" and "Music of the Bat " for the series in honor of the 75th anniversary of Batman.

Asterisked tracks contain thematic material by Shirley Walker; double-asterisked tracks contain Danny Elfman's Batman theme.

A fourth volume containing all 24 episodes of The New Batman Adventures was also released and these episodes now also begin with the original Season 1 opening sequence, and also end with the standard final credits.

The set includes all features from the four individual volumes plus a bonus 17th disc with a new special feature and a page collector's book containing artwork.

In Bulgaria, Volumes 1 and 2 were released in early Each disc was sold separately in an amaray case. Volumes 1 and 2 were both released on February 28, , while Volume 3 was released July 7, , and Volume 4 was released February 17, In Australia, Volume 1 was released on October 19, During the series's 25th anniversary panel at the New York Comic Con on October 8, , it was announced that the complete series and all 24 episodes of The New Batman Adventures would be released on Blu-ray later in due to the financial success of the Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Blu-ray release in All of the games had art true to the series, while Sega's versions featured art elements directly from the show's creators.

There was also a game made for the Game Boy based on the series and created around the same time. Though not directly related, the Batman: Arkham video game series features some of the voice cast from The Animated Series returning to their roles, notably including Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker.

Arleen Sorkin also reprised her role as Harley Quinn in the first game of the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum ; additionally, the first two games were written by Animated Series writer Paul Dini.

Many of the characters' costumes from the series also appear as downloadable skins in the games. Due to the success of the show, Fox approached Bruce Timm to make a spin-off centered on Catwoman , but the project was abandoned shortly thereafter.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric Radomski Bruce Timm. Batman by Bob Kane Bill Finger. Kevin Conroy Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Jean MacCurdy Tom Ruegger.

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Atmajian Mr. Fox's Resignation S. Walker Matt's Make-Up S. Walker Matt Finds the Formula C. Johnson Creation of Clayface J.

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Ritmanis Harley is on Her Own S. Walker, L. Walker Toxic Dump P. Davison The Joker's Flower S. Batman Safe and Sound Cat Scratch Fever - Harvey R.

Clutterham It Was a Leprechaun L. Clutterham The Underdwellers S. Balcomb The Sewer King S. Balcomb Batman Sounds Alarm L. Clutterham The Light, the Light S.

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Justice League — Animation Action Adventure. Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever.

The New Batman Adventures — Superman: The Animated Series — Spider-Man: The Animated Series — X-Men: The Animated Series — Animation Action Family.

Stars: Cedric Smith, Cathal J. Dodd, Lenore Zann. Gravity Falls — Avatar: The Last Airbender — The Batman — Billionaire Bruce Wayne fights crime and evil as the mysterious Batman.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold — Dexter's Laboratory — The voice recording sessions were recorded with the actors together in a studio, like a radio play, unlike most animated films, in which the principal voice actors record separately and never meet various interviews have noted that such an arrangement having the cast record together was a benefit to the show as a whole, as the actors were able to 'react' to one another, rather than simply 'reading the words'.

Key to the series' artistic success is that it managed to redefine classic characters, paying homage to their previous portrayals while giving them new dramatic force.

The characterization of villains such as Two-Face and the Mad Hatter and heroes like Robin who had not appeared in the Burton film series demonstrate this.

The Penguin is based upon his appearance in Batman Returns , which was being released at the same time as the series.

The series also gave new life to nearly forgotten characters like the Clock King. An often noted example of dramatic change is Mr.

Another example of dramatic change is Clayface , a character who to fans is believed to be far more intriguing to an audience due to his tragic past and almost 'sane' way of dealing with situations, and later influenced DC to recreate their version of the character to fit the animated universes.

The most famous of the series' innovations is the Joker's hapless assistant, Harley Quinn , who became so popular that DC Comics later added her to the mainstream Batman comic continuity.

This series became a cornerstone of the Warner Bros. For years, Warner Bros. Animation had been known only for doing Looney Tunes and their offshoots such as Tiny Toon Adventures.

This was Warner's first attempt at doing a serious animated cartoon and it ended up working better than they thought. Despite the marketing decision by Warner Bros.

A completely new version of the series was launched to match the more efficient animation style of Superman: The Animated Series.

It also opened up possibilities for crossovers. All characters, vehicles and props were redesigned, with the exception of Two-Face.

New villains like Red Claw , the ninja Kyodai Ken , and the Sewer King were invented for the series, but to little acclaim. From the episode " Tyger, Tyger " another character named Tygrus was created, whose story was probably inspired by the H.

Wells novel The Island of Dr. Moreau and William Blake's poem The Tyger. A new character called Baby Doll was also well received.

In addition, Mr. Freeze was revised to emulate the series' tragic story. Clayface was reinvented, revised to be much more similar to the s shape-changing version of the character.

Poison Ivy 's regular appearances on the show helped lead to more frequent appearances in the comics. In two episodes, Batman faces a ninja named Kyodai Ken "Giant Fist" in Japanese whose abilities seem to match his own.

The Phantasm and general storyline for the movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm were modified from the Mike Barr-penned story Batman: Year Two , which ran in Detective Comics in the late s; the villain in the comics was named The Reaper.

Some characters like Count Vertigo and the Clock King were modified in costume and personality. In nearly all other media, including the comics, television shows, and films, Bruce deliberately plays up his image as a vacuous, self-absorbed, and not-too-bright billionaire playboy, in order to throw off suspicion that he is Batman.

Batman locates the "She-Bat" and after a lengthy chase, he manages to give her the antidote, ending the threat of the Man-Bat for good.

Joker was Batman's greatest foe and they clashed many times. Batman located Joker after a series of traps set by the criminal in order to stall Batman and prevent him from saving the hostages.

However, Batman managed to save them and capture the Joker, returning him back to Arkham. On April Fool's Day, a mysterious gas was affecting the people of Gotham and Batman analyzed the air in Gotham, learning that the Joker was behind it all.

Batman confronted the Joker and his deadly robot Captain Clown. After escaping a deathtrap, Batman followed Joker to his hideout in an abandoned waste treatement plant.

Batman defeated and destroyed Captain Clown and then chased Joker through a series of traps until he finally captured the mad man.

Some time later Bruce was invited to Mayor Hill's son, Jordan , birthday party and noticed that Jekko the clown was in fact the Joker. Bruce saved the guests from Joker's attack and later followed him to his hideout.

After realizing that Jordan was there, Batman followed him to a trap set by Joker and after being knocked unconscious, Batman was placed upside down in a water tank with a straightjacket.

It took him a while to escape the trap and after escaping, Batman chased down the Joker to a rollercoaster ride, where they fought an epic battle until Batman dropped the Joker to the river below.

Batman then rescued Jordan and took him back home. A short while later, Batman stopped Joker's plan to kill Commissioner Gordon and a great number of police officers with a bomb during a ceremony in Gordon's name.

Batman then tracked down Joker and his henchmen and captured them. Batman once again confronted the Joker and stopped him along with Kaiser, who was also a criminal.

Eventually, Joker captured Batman and placed him in a deadly trap. Batman was able to escape only thanks to Catwoman's appearance. However, Catwoman was then captured by the Joker and in order to learn the exact location where she was being held, Batman posed as Killer Croc and learned the truth from Joker after he told his version of how he almost killed Batman.

The Dark Knight then proceeded to apprehend the Joker along with other criminals and he returned the favor to Catwoman by saving her.

Using technology stolen from The Mad Hatter , Joker manipulated the comedians into crime and Batman was forced to stop them.

Once they were dealt with, Batman confronted Joker, but was almost defeated until Robin arrived to assist him. Together, they stopped Joker and watched as the authorities captured the madman.

Batman became aware of Scarecrow's escape from Arkham Asylum when Robin was suddenly affected by panic attacks. Batman investigated the case and discovered that Scarecrow has been using his fear toxin on professional athletes in order to place bets against ther teams.

Batman confronted Scarecrow and managed to capture him with Robin's help after he overcame his own fears. Batman was earlier infected by the gas, thus he starts hallucinating and he is taken to Arkham Asylum as an inmate.

After a long struggle, Batman managed to stop Scarecrow and Alfred administered an antidote to cure Batman from his delusions. Bruce Wayne helped Harvey Dent and Mayor Hill on the contruction of Stonegate Penitentiary and five years later, a vengeful scientist sought revenge against Harvey Dent for destroying a plant field in order to build the prison.

Batman captured a small time criminal that escaped from Stonegate and then had dinner with his friend Harvey Dent and Dent's new girlfriend, Pamela Isley.

After dinner, Harvey was taken to the hostpital on a severe coma. The doctors told Bruce that Dent was poisoned and Bruce analized the clues.

Pamela showed up later and Bruce began suspecting of her when she tried to kiss him. After checking on her background, Bruce found that she had poisoned Harvey.

Batman went to her hideout and uncovered her scheme, leading to a deadly fight, after which Ivy was captured and sent to Stonegate.

Sometime later, Ivy started a new crime scheme and she started transforming people into trees, even going as far as attacking Alfred and his girl friend Maggie Page.

Batman investigated the case and learned Ivy's involvement in these crimes, before confronting her and stopping her once again.

Although Ivy had seemingly reformed, she was actually responsible for the crimes, but she escaped before Batman could stop her.

Bruce's friend and Gotham's DA, Harvey Dent started a re-election campaign that forced a hidden aspect of him to reappear. Dent suffered from multiple personality disorder and his evil personality was unleashed when Rupert Thorne tried to blackmail Dent into dropping his political campaign.

The evil Dent attacked Thorne, but he was stopped by Batman. However, Batman was soon distracted by Thorne's henchmen and couldn't save Dent from an accident that scarred the man's face in half.

In the aftermath of Harvey's transformation, he took up on the identity of the criminal Two-Face and Batman was forced to stop him. Considering Two-Face as a friend in need instead of an enemy, Batman tried to help him at first, but he couldn't and he was forced to capture and deliver him to justice, hoping that the man who was once his friend could somehow recover.

Eventually, Two-Face resumed his criminal career, associating himself with corrupt official Gil Mason to frame Gordon and take over Gotham.

Two-Face had Harvey kidnapped and Batman tracked him down in order to return him back to Arkham with help from Robin. Batman managed to locate their hideout, but he was knocked unconscious by some of Penguin's knockout gas.

As a result, Batman had to be saved by a couple of kids, who took him to their basement, where Batman recovered and captured Penguin shortly afterwards.

Penguin kidnapped Vreeland and forced Chapman to deliver the ransom money, before he tried to kill them.

Batman arrived in time to save the hostages and capture Penguin. Later, Penguin manipulated Batman's mechanic, Earl Cooper , to get control of the Batmobile , [33] and on his last criminal activity, Penguin stole a prototype weaponized helicopter called Raven X , demanding ransom to prevent the destruction of Gotham.

Penguin's heist of the Raven, left Bruce temporarily blind and he was forced to use a special gear to see, although in the end he captured the criminal while completely blind.

Batman became aware of Mister Freeze's presence in Gotham when the villain targetted GothCorp industries for his cold related crimes. Batman learned of Freeze's breakout and he confronted Walker along with Robin.

At first, Freeze opposed Batman, but once he understood the error of his ways, he turned against Walker and assisted Batman in defeating the crook.

However, Batman was forced to leave Freeze in the destruction of Walker's secret citadel in order to save Robin's life, but deep down, Bruce knew that Freeze did not die in the incident.

In his final criminal act, Freeze kidnapped Barbara Gordon in order to transplant one of her organs to his wife, Nora and save his life, killing Barbara in the process.

Batman and Robin learned of Freeze's plan and stopped the madman, but in the final confrontation, Freeze's hideout was burned to ashes and Batman could only save Nora while Freeze was presummed dead.

Batman encountered Catwoman around the same time when Bruce met Selina Kyle.

Batman: The Animated Series Kritiken und News zum Dunklen Ritter

Part 2 of 2. Alle Cookies annehmen. His daughter Barbara sets out to prove that he's innocent. Baby-Dolla former child star pours out her frustrations on her TV family by kidnapping them and holding them hostage. The Just click for source uses a fear chemical triggered by adrenaline on Gotham's greatest athletes stream eu bets against them to reap the winnings. Nur noch 1 verfügbar!

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