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Bull season 3

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Trailer zum Start der 3. Staffel der Serie Bull? Alle Episoden Bull Staffel 3 findest Du hier: Liste der Bull. Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) betreibt Trial Sciences Inc., eine enorm erfolgreiche Beraterfirma, die sich auf die Beratung von Angeklagten bei. Der Episodenguide zur dritten Staffel der Gerichtsserie mit Michael Weatherly. Episodenführer Season 3 – Nachdem er wegen seines Herzinfarkts und seiner Alkoholsucht einige Zeit in der Reha war, präsentiert Bull (Michael Weatherly) . Bull ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am September ihre Premiere beim 1 Handlung; 2 Hintergrund; 3 Besetzung und Synchronisation; 4 Produktion und Ausstrahlung. Vereinigte Staaten; 'Bull,' 'Kevin Can Wait' and 'MacGyver' Grab Full-Season Pickups at CBS. ↑ Nellie Andreeva: CBS.

bull season 3

In der 3. Staffel kehrt Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) nach seiner Herzattacke zur Firma zurück. Sein erster Kunde ist eine reiche. Der Episodenguide zur dritten Staffel der Gerichtsserie mit Michael Weatherly. ER ZIEHT WEITER DIE STRIPPEN VOR GERICHT: BULL STAFFEL 3 ALS TV-​PREMIERE AUF 13TH STREET. Keiner analysiert Menschen besser als Jason. Mora awakes from his own injuries six later with no recollection of the incident. Tricia Brock. Retrieved October 23, Christopher Fox as Mauricio Rentzel. Tony Rossi as Clerk.

She grabs the gun and the man grabs the gun and she shoots him in the shoulder. Bull must try to clear her name. S3, Ep4. Business becomes personal for Bull when TAC assists with a civil suit against the bank that funded the terrorists responsible for Cable's death.

S3, Ep5. Bull joins the defense team of a seemingly unwinnable case when a doctor is put on trial for murder after his submission to a DNA database links him to a homicide.

While Bull and Benny work on selecting jurors who are predisposed to trust their instincts instead of incontrovertible evidence, Danny and Taylor research if their client's DNA sample may have been contaminated.

S3, Ep6. Bull and the TAC team help one of their own when Marissa's restaurateur husband, Greg David Furr , is charged with involuntary manslaughter after one of his employees dies in a kitchen fire allegedly cuased by negligence.

S3, Ep7. Bull confronts his guilt over closing his psychiatric practice to start TAC when his former patient, a young woman who is a clinical sociopath, goes on trial for killing her brother.

When Bull and Benny's client has no memory of the crime due to her mental condition, they enter a "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" plea and aim to seat jurors that are sympathetic to mental illness.

S3, Ep8. Bull takes on a pro bono client who was poorly advised by his public defender to plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge and is now facing felony manslaughter after the victim dies.

S3, Ep9. Danny enlists her colleagues to help when her boyfriend, Gabriel, is arrested for being in the country illegally and threatened with deportation.

Bull represents a German national who is being sued by a museum over possession of a valuable painting.

S3, Ep Bull agrees to have TAC represent a priest who is charged in a fatal hit-and-run after he's found behind the wheel of the church van involved in the crash.

But the case is complicated when the priest claims that the actual driver confessed to him, but he can't reveal that person's identity due to the confidentiality that comes with confession.

Bull and his romantic rival join forces, when her niece and husband are charged with armed robbery. New York's City's chief medical examiner, Julia Martin is charged with tampering evidence on the case that made her career.

Bull wants to mount a defense selling to the Jury that Martin may have made a mistake. Bull's new relationship with Diana, his on-again romantic rival, is complicated by his renewed feelings for his ex-wife, Isabella, when they're reunited by the sudden death of her and Benny's father.

Bull aims to raise reasonable doubt among the jurors when his friend Nathan is tried for his wife's murder.

Bull gets to work alongside his idol, Walter Franklin, a legendary lawyer who asks him to help a family bring suit against the U.

The TAC team works tandem cases when Chunk represents a young man facing federal counterfeiting charges, and Bull represents his grandfather, who may lose his business to the FBI for owning the barbershop where the fake goods were sold.

Sean Patrick Reilly as Monsignor Espinoza. Stewart Steinberg as Mr. Erin Noel Grennan as Juror 2. Tawny Cypress as Brooke Ford.

Niyi Oni as Officer Jim Spenser. Susan Blommaert as Judge Hanlon. Kerry Malloy as Michael Cole. Matt Clevy as Bailiff. Chuck Cooper as Judge Elmendorf.

Boris Khaykin as Yuri Pasternak. Kathleen Mary Carthy as Carol. Sharreiff Pugh as Joseph Lowell.

Angel Dillemuth as Juror 3. Manny Perez as Trent Bolton. Richard Litt as Judge Brisbee. Shanga Parker as Mr. Adam Griffin as Mr.

James Riordan as Judge Wentworth. Hanako Greensmith as Veronica Hill. Julie Jesneck as Potential Juror 7. Tessa Kim as Claudine.

Gabby Cocco as Morgan Newhouse. Kyle Glenn as Co Ty. Los Jones as Imposing Man. An-Li Bogan as Jacqueline Stone.

Nick Shea as Officer 1. Victoria Ng as Juror 1. Edward Murphy Kelahan as Juror 7. Mitch Greenberg as Jury Foreman.

Bill Kocis as Juror Fredric Lehne as Judge Wanecraft. Derek Peith as Young Man. Mandy June Turpin as Judge Hamilton.

Noelle LuSane as Juror 6. Jes Dugger as Lacey. Kara Green as Juror 3. Matt Servitto as Marshall Hitchcock.

Gus Birney as Penny Spiro. Elliot Santiago as Juan Carols Morales. Rose Bianco as Conseuelo. Erick Zamora as Juror 4.

Marcus Naylor as Dr. David Hassman. Joseph Ragno as Judge Weston Stanley. Lynne Taylor as Dr. Tiffany Denise Hobbs as Juror 4. Hallie Samuels as Juror Holly Taylor as Chloe Newhouse.

Peterson Townsend as Officer 2. Matt W. Cody as Juror 2. Marquise Vilson as Inmate Carter. David Neal Levin as Richard Briggs.

Liz Holtan as Clara Larson. Zakiya Cook as Barista. Dwelvan David as Juror Justin Restivo as Juror 1. Sterling Jerins as Young Tally.

Byron Clohessy as Officer Avery. Kenneth Tigar as Judge Janovich. Marisa Redanty as Dr. Mindy Watts. George Morafetis as Juror 1.

Saskia Starck as Assistant. Courtney Alana Ward as Potential Juror 7. Seth Barrish as Dr. Tricia Paoluccio as Yvonne Fowler.

Adrienne Breland as Juror Ian Whitt as Oliver, Shelter Worker. Caroline Lagerfelt as Judge Lee. Billy Rick as Juror Bill Kux as Juror 9.

David Pendleton as Juror Nkeki Obi-Melekwe as Juror Meggie McKinnon as Juror Steve Boghossian as Partner.

Jett Salazar as Cashier. Oscar Gary as Inmate Fakhar. Daniel Pearce as Dr. Diana Perez as Reporter 1. Ivan Moore as Court Officer. Erik Gullberg as Mr.

Kim Brockton as Sheila Hartley. Chelsea Watts as Juror 3. Frank J. Monteleone as Connor Booth. Kasey Buckley as Officer Raney.

Juan Carlos Merino as Jury Foreman. Matt Wall as Reporter 2. Liz McCartney as Motel Clerk. Barney Fitzpatrick as Juror 8.

Dana Eskelson as Brenda. G-Rod as Inmate Rodriguez. Rami Margron as ER Doctor. Lizzie King-Hall as Singing Mom.

Tony Nation as Reporter 3. Ozzie Stewart as Potential Juror 7. Helen Laser as Woman. Leticia Castillo as Juror Jordyn Crawford as Delivery Guy.

Datus Puryear as Police Officer 1. AJ Yalchin as Juror Jason Kaufman as David Stratton. Delilah Rose Pellow as Lila Reed. Antino Angyl Crowley as Inmate Tan.

Denise Pillott as Intake Nurse. Audrey R. Rapoport as Juror Gabrielle Reidy as Lisa Medina. Adhy Mendez as Detective Blair.

Stanton Nash as Security Officer. Scott William Winters as Tom Gabriel. Kim Sykes as Judge Foley.

Cadence Burke as Kid Singing. Ty Doran as Jacob. Brett Davenport as Police Officer 2. James Lee Reed as Texas Ranger 2. Tonya Pinkins as Judge Maynard.

Tony Rossi as Clerk. DC Williams as Eric. Trevor Swan as Court Officer. Joe Naples as Detective 1. Riley Burke as Kid Singing 2. Joe Candelora as Juror Sawandi Wilson as Detective 2.

Graceann Dorse as Jury Foreperson. Stacey Raymond as Detective Simons. Lindsey Blanchard as Kid Singing 3. Amar Atkins as Man.

John Leonard Thompson as Dr. Jacqueline Guillen as Woman in Her Twenties. Andrew Frace as Police Officer.

Christopher Fox as Mauricio Rentzel. Alexander Foxton as Mauricio Rentzel. Nicky Torchia as Teenager.

Kate Grimes as Dr. Jessica Wilson. Andy Murray as Warden Hewitt. Lilli Stein as Susan Grey. Laura King Otazo as Jury Forewoman.

Garrett Gray as Waiter. Cate Smit as Wife. Brian Ogilve as Singing Dad. Sep 25, Rating: 3.

Christine Orlando. TV Fanatic. Caitlin Wyneken. Tell-Tale TV. Sep 25, Full Review…. Laura Hurley. View All Critic Reviews 3. May 18, Third series going strong.

David B. Apr 29, Very unrealistic story lines and outcomes -- a real waste of Michael Weatherly's talents. Gary I. Apr 03, Always look foreword to this excellent Stevan Spielberg production.

Would you expect anything less from one of the most influential people in movie production history? Peter K. Mar 25, I absolutely love this show!

Feb 18, I love this ensemble cast and enjoy the storylines. I like the plot twists and sticky situations Dr. Bull and his team get into when providing their services to the clients.

Berny W. Jan 14, This Tv show is like criminal minds meets scorpion. More story line from the other cast members personal lives would be good.

However you can watch any episode without starting from the pilot. Pretty good to watch and will keep you watching. Tina M.

Nov 14, Alittle silly but somewhat entertaining. I wouldn't mind if he lost every now and then. Frank R. Oct 22, Entertaining series.

I took off a half star for the silliness of starting a trial the day after an arrest. Why do that? Other than that, the trials and defense are very interesting.

Happy W. See all Audience reviews. Video Game Movies Ranked 43 ranked worst to best. Best Netflix Series and Shows What to watch right now.

Go back. More trailers. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. Saturday Night Live. The Sinner. The Woods.

Jury Duty. Article source leere Waffe. Bull repräsentiert eine Frau, die schuldig ist, ihre Nichte vor zwölf Jahren entführt zu haben, um sie vor ihrem misshandelnden Vater zu retten. Untertitel Untertitel. Während des Gerichtsverfahrens sucht Bull nach Geschworenen, die davon überzeugt sind, dass sein Klient dabei unter dem schlechten Einfluss der einzigen anderen Person see more, die er damals kannte — sein Vater, der ihn von anderen Menschen fern please click for source hat. Ein Arzt wird beschuldigt, einen Heroin-Dealer ermordet zu just click for source. Hundert Prozent The Missing Piece.

Bull Season 3 Video

Bull Season 3 Episode 22 Netzwelt verrät, wie es in der Here weitergeht. Jahre der More info. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Ihr neuer Freund wird wegen illegaler Einwanderung gesucht. Eine Unternehmerin wird angezeigt, flipperautomat sie Investoren ihrer here bahnbrechenden Wasser-Filter-Firma betrogen haben soll. Um der Strafe zu entgehen. S1 E Bull hilft einer früheren Patientin, die wegen Mordes vor Gericht steht. Sansa Stark. Bull finds himself on the opposite side of voir dire, when he serves jury duty simultaneously mounting a defense for a woman on trial for killing her daughter's murderer. Er wird wegen fahrlässiger Tötung angeklagt, nachdem einer verschwoerung Mitarbeiter bei einem angeblich fahrlässig verursachten Link zu Wolf staffel1 kam. Der gute Sohn The Ein fall von liebe One. TAC verklagt eine Bank, die wissentlich einen Terroristen unterstützt hat. Deren Nichte Claire und ihr frisch angetrauter Ehemann Randy werden des bewaffneten Super film beschuldigt. ER ZIEHT WEITER DIE STRIPPEN VOR GERICHT: BULL STAFFEL 3 ALS TV-​PREMIERE AUF 13TH STREET. Keiner analysiert Menschen besser als Jason. In Bull Staffel 4 geht es spannend weiter, als Bulls Team hilft, eine tragische Kindheit aufzuarbeiten! Netzwelt verrät, was in der neuen Folge der CBS-Serie. Season three of Bull finds Dr. Jason Bull returning to work at TAC after recovering from his heart attack. In his first case back he asks his team to help defend an. In der 3. Staffel kehrt Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) nach seiner Herzattacke zur Firma zurück. Sein erster Kunde ist eine reiche.

Nunnelly reveals that if she wins this case, she can leave her firm and start her own, and also offers to make this the last case Bull is obligated to consult with her on.

Shortly before voir dire begins, cartel violence sweeps the streets, forcing the judge to order an anonymous jury and rendering Bull's team virtually unable to accurately analyze the jurors.

Bull ultimately enlists the help of the US government and the presiding judge to pull a bit of showmanship to ensure that Cecilia's life is protected for cooperating with the DEA and that Nunnelly can leave the firm without reprimand for having a client jailed.

Vincent Misiano. Glenn Gordon Caron. Kara Clayton Minka Kelly shoots and kills her billionaire older husband Marcus Ronald Guttman after he refuses to revise the terms of their pre-nuptial agreement.

Kara is charged with murder despite having three stab wounds and claiming self defense. Diana Lindsay is representing Kara and asks for Bull's help, but he tells her he has already agreed to represent Marcus' interests in the case.

After correctly surmising that Kara's wounds were self-inflicted, Bull thinks he has outmaneuvered Diana in finding the perfect juror to serve as foreperson.

But he later learns Diana has one-upped him when the perfect juror turns out to be from her home town of Callisto, Texas.

To avoid a hung jury, Bull and his team must now find bulletproof evidence to win over the biased juror.

Bull impulsively agrees to have Benny represent Adam Harris Sam Vartholomeos , a young man charged with murder for helping his terminally ill girlfriend end her life, and learns that Adam's actions clash with Benny's religious beliefs.

A young college student asphyxiates on his own vomit and drowns in the Hudson River during a drunken fraternity hazing.

Bull wants to help Rebecca Whelan Deirdre Lovejoy , the mother of the victim, find out what really happened after the other fraternity members concoct a story that they are all sticking to.

However, the jury selection appears to be moot when Judge Hanlon Susan Blommaert thinks the case should be thrown out for lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, Bull wonders why Marissa isn't spending extra hours in the office anymore, and she reveals she's met a man and has a life outside of work now.

Bull is sued by famous actress Amaya Andrews Cara Buono over advice he gave her regarding an international adoption. Marissa is subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution, and things become complicated when Bull's lawyer Ron Getman Brad Garrett wants to reference Marissa's painful childhood during cross examination, over Bull's objections.

Meanwhile, Danny travels to Ethiopia to locate Amaya's adoptive son and try to find a way around that country's parental rights laws.

Bull receives a call from his old college friend Mack Nathaniel Arcand , who has been jailed on the Nawakwa Indian reservation.

Mack had been thrown out of a casino for being drunk and disorderly, and is now accused of murdering the pit boss who was shot just a few hours later.

Bull and the TAC team are handcuffed by tribal court rules, which are different than those of a civilian court, and have to overcome the fact that Mack is almost universally disliked in the small community.

Bull receives a pitch for help from a year-old lawyer, who turns out to be the son of his former high school sweetheart, Allison Ali Marsh.

Allison has developed kidney cancer, and other people in her town have also become sick due to a local furniture plant contaminating the water.

Rather than accept the company's meager settlement, which won't even cover medical expenses or rerouting piping for the town's wells to a clean water supply, Bull convinces the plaintiffs to go to court.

While the school district finds over tests that have been altered, Lacey insists she only changed one answer on one test, in order to help a formerly troubled student who has turned his life around get into a local college.

Lacey is offered a deal which would cause her to rat out other faculty members and would still result in getting a felony on her record, so she takes Bull's advice to go to court.

Meanwhile, Marissa catches Kyle going through some of her personal things, including financial information. Kyle claims he's only looking out for Marissa's future.

After Cable angrily confronts him, Simon commits suicide hours later. Cable learns that Simon was participating in a drug trial for an antidepressant, and she asks Bull to help Simon's parents with a civil suit.

The case pits Bull against Arti Cander Archie Panjabi , a fellow trial science expert who proves to be a more than worthy adversary.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Bull releases his team to enjoy the holiday with their families, only to find himself working a case solo when he agrees to help a champion boxer who is being tried for murder.

Also, Chunk makes a major personal decision at his family's Thanksgiving dinner, while Marissa's dinner with Kyle is abruptly cancelled when he is mugged.

Marissa later learns that all of her credit cards have been maxed out. Bull takes on a case of competing cell phone companies, representing the company making the cheaper of the two phones which is being sued for crossover technology.

He charges triple TAC's usual fee with the caveat that the case must be wrapped up before Christmas, which is only five days away.

Upon returning to his office, Bull meets a nine-year-old girl who wants to be emancipated from her parents. Bull dismisses her because she's too young, but later learns of her family situation and gets caught up helping the girl, at the expense of the phone case.

Meanwhile, Marissa reluctantly enlists the help of Cable and Danny to look into Kyle, learning that he is really a con man named Robert Allen.

Eighteen months ago, year-old Jemma ran off with an older man named Ryan Johnathan Tchaikovsky that she met online, and is now accused of helping Ryan in the recent armed robbery of a jewelry store.

Based on Jemma's demeanor, Bull is convinced that Ryan held her against her will, and that she was in survival mode when robbing the store.

Bull faces a moral and legal dilemma when Benanti reveals additional damning information about his sessions with the patient, as the conversations fall under attorney-client privilege.

Aaron Lipstadt. Malcolm's pregnant girlfriend Sarah approaches her old college roommate Cable after learning that TAC is helping the prosecution.

Cable tells Bull about the meeting, and Bull forbids her to speak with Sarah. Sarah later intercepts Cable, claiming her boyfriend is innocent and pleading with Cable to look at the digital signature, which will prove it.

When Cable does and is caught, the case gets thrown out because she tampered with evidence, and Cable is thrown in jail for committing a federal crime.

Bull, having found the true motive behind the hacking, helps the FBI file new charges against Malcolm, in exchange for the FBI dropping charges against Cable.

Cable is let out of jail, but Bull is reluctantly forced to fire her for breaking the law. A seemingly crazy woman shoots and kills a police officer as he sits in his patrol car, after he refuses to continue helping her protect her drug dealing operation.

The DA contacts Bull and identifies the woman as Hazel Diaz Roma Maffia , stating the woman has been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial seven previous times by feigning Schizophrenia , spending only a brief time in a treatment facility each time.

The DA asks Bull to prove the woman sane and finally get her convicted. Meanwhile, as TAC reluctantly looks for Cable's replacement in the organization after Bull is adamant against hiring her back, Cable completes a very positive interview for a job, until the hiring rep mentions that a background check will be done.

Bull helps exonerate Derrick Graham Adam David Thompson , who has spent the last nine years in prison for murdering a woman he met in a bar while celebrating a promotion with his work friends.

The case is personal, as Bull worked on Graham's defense back then and always believed him to be innocent.

Bull gets the TAC team to help, though they are quick to point out areas where Cable would be a big help.

Meanwhile, Chunk continues to try to get his estranged daughter to talk to him. Chunk's daughter Anna arrives in town to visit Chunk, get some answers from him, scout colleges, and visit her potential journalism professor Chloe Talbott Nikki M.

Chloe is unable to make the appointment, having just been arrested for breaking into dating app Spark4U's headquarters. Chloe then seeks TAC's help so she can expose the app for covering up rapes by Spark4U clients using fake profiles.

However, she cannot reveal her source as it is anonymous, so the team are forced to use Cable's replacement, Isaiah, to track down the messages exchanged.

Unable to figure it out, Isaiah locates Cable and asks for her help. She agrees on the condition that he doesn't tell Bull. Bull deduces that Cable helped, and as gratitude, offers her job back at TAC, which she accepts.

Bethany Rooney. A Virginia doctor is caught with a large quantity of CBD oil, an extract of cannabis used to treat nausea and pain caused by some illnesses.

Though she purchased it legally in New York, it is illegal in her home state. The doctor's mother begs Benny for his help.

Benny and Bull go to meet with the District Attorney, but are surprised to find the case has been taken over by a zealous Federal prosecutor Dana Delany.

The defense learns that the doctor initially obtained the oil for her son, who has Leukemia. After seeing how significantly it helped him, the doctor made it available for some of her other suffering patients.

As Bull and his team prepare for this new development, the prosecutor leaks information to Child Protective Services that leads to the son being forcibly hospitalized.

The son's new doctor concludes that CBD was the best available treatment, and Bull gets him to testify to this in court. Bull then has Benny craft a unique closing argument based on the concepts of personal opinions, conflicting state laws, and how each juror's opinion matters.

Authorities catch up with George Brown 18 years after he was the driver while his older brother robbed a check cashing store and killed the clerk.

Brown is now living as Jim Grayson, a restaurant owner and married father of three. Bull and the team must convince the jury that not only is Brown living an exemplary life, but also that he was unaware of his brother's intentions that fateful night.

A clue discovered by Danny helps save the case by revealing that the crime was an inside job and the clerk's death was accidental.

Kate Martin, an abused wife, shoots her English professor husband in the back while he sleeps. Bull's old friend from a battered women's clinic convinces him to help on the case, which isn't difficult given that Bull's late sister was also an abuse victim.

Bull opts for an all-or-nothing defense, Murder 1 or acquittal, with no lesser charges being considered. Bull is convinced that, although her husband was sleeping at the time she killed him, Kate felt her life and that of her unborn child threatened on a daily basis.

This becomes difficult to prove, given that Kate rarely told anyone about the abuse and made only one trip to the emergency room, where she checked in under a false name.

Danny and Cable are finally able to locate a teaching assistant that the husband cheated with. While the young woman was not abused herself, she did listen from another room as the husband fought with Kate and made threats.

Elsewhere, Chunk confronts one of his law school professors who failed him in a class, convinced it was due to bias. After receiving news that his ex-wife Izzy Benny's sister is getting remarried, Bull takes to drinking heavily and gets arrested for public mischief.

While in jail awaiting bail, Bull meets a mute man who is kind to him. Bull then learns after being released that the man is Elliott Miles, the prime suspect in a rape-murder-arson case.

Bull takes Miles' risky case, and begins annoying his team with his tunnel vision. He ignores Marissa's advice on a juror, and later makes trial decisions without consulting Benny.

Benny is able to refute one eyewitness's testimony, but the prosecution then brings in Elliott's pseudo-girlfriend to testify that he came home later than she originally told police.

Though it's revealed the prosecution made a deal with the girlfriend, the judge refuses to call for a mistrial.

Bull tells Benny and Chunk he needs a drink, and the episode is to be continued. Bull is awakened by Marissa on his office couch after a night of drinking, wherein he has dreamed about Izzy taking him back.

Marissa visits a therapist about her possible co-dependency relationship with Bull. Elliott Miles is convicted of murder and faces a possible death sentence.

New evidence arises that points to the crime being committed by a serial killer, causing Benny to try and sneak it in during the sentencing hearings without being held in contempt.

Chunk reluctantly asks the law professor that failed him to testify that Miles does not fit the profile of the killer.

After Danny and Cable do some legwork to narrow down the list of people who are likely the serial killer, Bull visits the prime suspect's wife, surmising she already knows the things her husband has done.

The next day in court, an FBI agent visits the prosecutor's table, and the prosecutor then asks the judge that all charges against Miles be dropped.

A relieved but exhausted Bull walks outside and lays down on the courthouse steps. He dials and says he thinks he's having a heart attack.

Returning from rehabilitation for his heart attack and alcoholism, Bull presents the TAC team with the case of Caitlin Mehner, a dying mother whose liver transplant funding has been denied by her insurance carrier.

Meanwhile, the TAC team receives devastating news about Cable, who has not shown up for work. Despite his best efforts to get thrown out, Bull is selected to serve on a jury for a case of a man who has been practising law without a licence.

The case ultimately hinges on getting testimony from the mother's older daughter, who has been deeply damaged by the incident.

Meanwhile, the TAC team mourns the death of Cable in a bridge collapse. Body cam video shows the officer picking up the gun, followed by a struggle in which the man grabs the barrel.

Bull implores his team to make the case about circumstances, not race. After the officer cracks under cross examination and makes a damning admission, a loss seems likely.

But upon further review of the evidence, Bull sees a previously overlooked detail that turns the case in a completely different direction.

When the bridge collapse is revealed to be connected to terrorism, Bull seeks justice for Cable's mother and the other families that lost loved ones by going after the bank that he believes knowingly funded an international terrorist.

TAC helps defend a doctor who is accused of murdering a heroin dealer based on DNA evidence at the scene, but the man insists he was never there.

Complicating the case, the doctor fully admits he was once addicted to opioid pain killers, having later quit cold turkey.

Just when it appears that TAC will have to try and make a deal with the prosecution, Marissa and Taylor team up to make a startling discovery.

Mike Smith. After Marissa's husband, Greg, is accused of starting a fire at his own restaurant for insurance money, Marissa has some doubts about his innocence based on a couple of circumstances.

Even though Bull and the TAC team start to uncover evidence that points to another party, the damage to Marissa and Greg's relationship may already be done.

Mary Lou Belli. Bull assists Tally North Quinn Shephard , a young woman who is a clinical sociopath and a former patient, when she is accused of killing her brother after an argument at a party.

Tally woke up with no recollection of the incident, so TAC initially aims for a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

However, when evidence is presented showing that the killer may have had some regret, Bull wants to change the plea to not guilty as he knows Tally is incapable of such feelings.

Chris Coleman Michael Drayer defends himself and his wife during a scuffle in a Black Friday store line, shoving his attacker to the ground and causing the man to hit his head.

A police officer arriving late to the scene arrests Coleman, who is then advised by a public defender to plead out to simple assault and pay a small fine so he can avoid jail time.

This becomes a problem when the shoving victim later goes into a coma and dies. Benny asks Bull to take the case pro bono, and Bull does so after encountering a cocky young ADA who insists on prosecuting Coleman for manslaughter.

Armed with Coleman's plea and the victim's three friends as witnesses, the prosecution seems to have the upper hand.

After a discovery, Bull turns the tables by having Benny put the ADA himself on the stand to question his motives. Elsewhere, Danny learns a secret about the man she is dating.

The man claims that he and his ex had reconciled and made plans to marry again, and that she had promised to get the painting back.

Meanwhile, Danny learns that Gabriel, her new love interest, is a former surgeon who is in the USA illegally, so she tries to convince a judge to keep him in the country.

A priest is stopped and arrested while driving his church van a couple hours after the vehicle was involved in a fatal hit-and-run.

Bull takes on the priest as a client after the man claims he was not driving when the accident occurred.

The priest says the person driving the van confessed to him, so he is bound by his faith to not identify the suspect.

Even after the judge rules that the driver's confession was outside the bounds of church confidentiality, the priest still refuses to name the guilty party, forcing Bull and the team to try and deduce the parishioner who was driving and appeal to his sense of morality.

Diana Lindsay returns to town when her niece Claire and Claire's new husband are accused of committing armed robbery at the jewellery store where Claire works.

Bull agrees to have TAC work for both clients, with Diana acting as her niece's defence lawyer, and Benny defending the husband.

Meanwhile, Bull hesitates to tell Diana about his heart attack and ongoing recovery from alcoholism, and the two are seen drinking and dancing at a nightclub together.

A well-known medical examiner finds herself arrested and jailed after being accused of planting evidence nine years ago in a serial murder case.

The lawyer defending the murderer claims DNA tests of a hair the M. Bull and the team, realizing that an overturned verdict would call into question every other case the M.

Meanwhile, Bull and Diana Lindsay attempt a long-distance relationship. Bull's new relationship with Diana, his on-again romantic rival, is complicated by his renewed feelings for his ex-wife, Isabella, when they're reunited by the sudden death of her and Benny's father.

Also, a deceased tech billionaire's brother comes to TAC for help in bringing suit against the doctor he holds personally responsible for the tycoon's death.

But the TAC team soon learns that the deceased man was murdered, and the doctor is not at fault. Bull's old college classmate, now a wealthy man in the finance business, becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife.

The wife, a famous author, frequently spends weeks away from her husband to focus on her writing, leading to the couple having an open relationship.

The pressure on TAC escalates when the jury is sequestered and the wife's dead body is discovered, making it a murder case. A clue that Danny discovers about how the dead body was dragged to its ultimate location helps lead the team to another suspect.

When a man in witness protection is shot to death in an upstate New York toll booth, Bull helps his idol, attorney Walter Franklin Dan Ziskie , bring suit against the U.

Things become difficult when Franklin goes against Bull's advice more than once, leading Bull to believe Walter is in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

Chunk has his first case as a public defender, representing Darius Lambert Brian Bradley who is being prosecuted by the FBI for copyright infringement due to selling known counterfeit knock-offs from the back of his grandfather's barbershop.

Benny soon represents the grandfather Ben Vereen when the FBI accuses him of knowing about the operation and wants to seize his shop.

Chunk's zealousness in wanting to win his first case becomes an issue when it complicates Benny's case. The father, a self-proclaimed "survivalist" suffering from extreme paranoia, was killed in the exchange of gunfire.

Bull has to prove that Lucas did not know right from wrong, due to having no other people in his life for ten years besides his father, who preached a "kill or be killed" mentality.

But there is a twist: a few years ago, Lucas was briefly separated from his father for three weeks, and taken in by a Christian Foster family.

Elsewhere, Marissa and Greg discuss having children. After a father and client of Diana Lindsay's is acquitted of murdering his wife, Diana contacts Bull to have TAC represent the client's in-laws in a custody case.

Knowing her client was guilty and is a threat to the children, Diana does not want him to gain custody.

Due to privilege, Bull cannot reveal his relationship with Diana and she refuses to give up any damning information on her client.

But their relationship is found out, putting the case in jeopardy. Just when all hope is about to be lost, one of Taylor's previously unknown skills saves the day.

Bull and TAC defend Danny's old colleague Trent Bolton, an FBI agent-turned-bounty hunter who faces a litany of charges for pistol-whipping a bail jumper and throwing him in the trunk of a car, only to learn from the bail bondsman that he got the wrong guy.

Review of some hospital footage, which shows the victim coming-to and walking out moments after Trent dropped him off, leads TAC to question the guy's story about being badly hurt.

They learn he is a former MMA fighter and friend of the real bail jumper, who paid off the bail bondsman to lead Trent to the wrong target while allowing himself to leave the country.

A federal judge who is about to hear a case against a crime boss is killed by the boss's son, Brendan, who then jumps in his brother Connor's car, holds a gun to his head, and orders him to drive away.

Connor, a first-year medical resident who has shunned his father's business, is arrested for aiding Brendan but swears he was only there to try and stop him.

Bull meets with the kids' mother, who insists that Bull do all he can to save her "good son", even if it means Brendan getting the death penalty.

A witness eventually comes forward to corroborate Connor's story, but Marissa tells Bull the jury appears unmoved.

Further, TAC learns that Brendan made a deal with the prosecution to avoid the death penalty in exchange for testifying against Connor.

Brendan is killed in jail and can't testify, so Bull decides to put the father on the stand. The father vehemently testifies that Connor wouldn't hurt anyone.

Bull later confronts the mother, certain that she put the hit out on her "bad son" to save Connor, but she won't admit it and Bull lets her go.

During a hurricane that hits Long Island, two inmates at a private prison are killed when their cell becomes flooded.

The last guard to leave during the storm, who happens to be Taylor's brother-in-law, is accused of murder for abandoning the prison.

Bull wants to defend the guard on the grounds that he did not expect the prison's backup systems to fail, while also having a more pressing crisis at home: having to rescue his pregnant wife and child after a tree fell on their house.

A woman is accused of killing her three-year old stepdaughter, after it is determined the girl died from ingesting a lethal amount of salt.

The prosecution tries to paint a picture of a stepmom who became overwhelmed and frustrated with the three-year old after having her own son.

It is later determined, and reluctantly corroborated by the birth mother's testimony, that the girl suffered from Pica , a rare disorder that causes cravings for non-nutritive substances.

During the trial, Benny learns that Izzy's tryst with Bull caused the collapse of her second marriage.

Also, Marissa learns that the eggs she froze and her womb are both viable for invitro fertilization, but that there is a problem with Greg's sperm.

She decides to tell her husband that she changed her mind about having children rather than reveal the truth to him.

At the end of the episode, Izzy reveals that she is pregnant with Bull's child. On New Year's Eve , a young woman reluctantly serves a lone man at the bar his sixth shot of tequila, after which he goes to a home where his ex-wife and four of their friends are partying and shoots them all.

In the present day, Bull loses a case tried by a seemingly incompetent attorney while Benny works a slip-and-fall case.

Bull pleads with Benny to come back, but to no avail. Benny eventually joins Bull when the bartender who served the New Year's Eve shooter is being tried for involuntary manslaughter nearly two years after the event.

Benny convinces the TAC team that he can make the case that alcohol didn't cause the shooting, rather, it had been planned well beforehand.

Despite the team's best efforts, the jury is deadlocked for several days. A flash-forward, showing Bull and Izzy's daughter discussing the case that brought her father and uncle back together, reveals that there was a mistrial due to a hung jury, but the prosecutor chose to drop the charges.

Elsewhere, Greg speaks to Marissa's fertility doctor and learns that his wife lied to him. Michael Weatherly. A whistleblower causes entrepreneur Whitney Holland Elizabeth Alderfer to be charged with defrauding investors by promising them her water desalination technology can handle volumes that are not possible.

Bull agrees to take her case amid protests from the TAC team, especially Benny. Bull feels they can make the case that despite lying about her backstory and other things, Whitney truly believes her technology will eventually be viable.

The trial results in only one juror siding with Whitney, which is enough to cause a mistrial. Bull tells the judge that the TAC team is tied up for the next seven months, giving Whitney and her company extra time to fully develop the technology before a retrial.

Meanwhile, Chunk is proud of his daughter when she is chosen out of applicants for a journalism study-abroad program in Jordan , but he grows concerned when she appears to be avoiding him.

Chunk's legal clinic scores a new trial for Eddie Mitchell Malcolm Goodwin , who was convicted of triple murder in when he was a year old low-level drug dealer.

Another dealer and a pregnant woman were killed in the incident. Although he worked the original case for the prosecution as second chair, Benny starts to believe the conviction was wrong after interviewing the detective who used the same witness, a now-deceased prostitute, in four other murder cases.

The case ultimately turns on the TAC team discovering through Taylor's enhanced forensics that the pregnant woman, thought to be an innocent bystander, may have been the target.

Elsewhere, Marissa meets with her therapist and explains how Greg has suddenly become cold toward her, and Chunk finally makes contact with his daughter.

Sadie Washington Krys Marshall , a young cosmetics entrepreneur who is famous for appearing in her own social media ads, is upset when her father, Gerald Rob Morgan , wants to sell the company to a global conglomerate.

Gerald took control of the financial side of the company after Sadie had a well-publicized on-camera tirade related to what was later diagnosed as a bipolar condition.

Sadie hires TAC to stop the sale, and initial evidence shows that Gerald did some shady things with his daughter's money.

However, when Gerald's motives become clear, Bull and the team have to rethink their strategy. Meanwhile, Chunk learns that Anna is pregnant, and is further taken aback when she wants to terminate the pregnancy and thus not miss out on her journalism program in Jordan.

Also, Marissa confides to Bull that her marriage to Greg is likely over. Taylor becomes obsessed with helping Jessica Lee, a dancer at a gentleman's club who claims she was raped by real estate mogul Nathan Alexander in one of the club's private rooms.

Even after learning that TAC is courting Alexander as a client, Taylor is not deterred, causing Bull to be furious when she deliberately exposes Benny to Lee before he meets with Alexander.

Bull eventually sees things Taylor's way, and takes up Lee's case. The case proves difficult, as there is no video evidence, no physical evidence Lee waited three days to report the incident to police , and Alexander has paid off all the previous victims that Danny can find.

Elsewhere, Chunk is conflicted between being a good Christian or being a supportive father with regard to Anna's abortion. He ultimately decides on the latter, only to find that Anna is shutting him out.

Rachel Elliot, a high-powered CEO known for her tenacity, wakes up hungover on her and her husband Peter's boat, finding bruises on her arms and Peter missing as well as blood on the boat, prompting her to contact the police.

After he turns up dead and she is accused of murdering him while drunk, Rachel hires TAC to defend her in court. The team grows concerned when they find evidence that Rachel has been acting emotionless and out of character, including going to work the same day she reported Peter missing and suffering from lapses of memory.

It soon comes out that Rachel is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease, which triggered her periodic memory loss and abnormal behaviour.

The team finds previously overlooked evidence and a witness who testifies that Peter tried to kill Rachel by suffocating her with a plastic bag, and she killed him in self-defense.

After she is found not guilty, Rachel, on Bull's request, resigns from her company and donates a substantial amount of her fortune toward Alzheimer's research.

Meanwhile, Chunk continues to try to reconcile with Anna after she distances herself further from him. After sitting outside her dorm room for several hours, he manages to win her over by stating that while he may not be able to change her mind about her abortion, he will support her whatever she decides.

Larry Kaplow. Bull has a difficult time defending a client who has confessed to accidentally killing the doctor who tried an experimental treatment on his sister, only to later learn that the treatment had never been tested on humans.

It turns out the client is covering for his sister's son, who followed the doctor down a street and pushed him into a chain-link fence.

The fence's gate was left unlocked, and the doctor plunged into a construction pit to his death. With the son now on trial, the prosecution tries to paint him as aggressive and having no remorse, leaving Chunk to work overtime preparing the teen.

Charlie Crawford, a year old boy, convinces his older brother Theo to let him handle their father's handgun.

After several clicks seem to confirm the gun is empty, Theo leaves the room. When Theo returns, Charlie aims and fires a bullet, killing his brother.

The prosecution chooses to charge the father and Bull's friend from college, Eric, with negligent homicide after he admits he gave the gun safe combination to year old Theo in case he ever needed protection.

Eric says he frequently visited a shooting range with Theo and taught him safety, but video from their last visit reveals Eric did not check to make sure that the gun was empty on the way out.

Eric swears on the stand that he fired six shots, so the gun was empty. Meanwhile, Bull deduces from hearing Charlie's call and interviewing him that Charlie is likely a sociopath and incapable of empathy.

Further investigation by the team reveals that Charlie researched online how to load a pistol and made systematic attempts to figure out the safe combination.

After confirming attorney-client privilege, Charlie admits to Bull that he put the bullet in the gun.

However, Bull and Benny still share this with the prosecution to get Eric's charges dropped, stating that Charlie committed perjury earlier in the trial which voids privilege.

Charlie is charged with the murder of his brother and Bull tells Benny that Eric and Lena are no longer speaking to him. A teenager, encouraged by his friends, climbs to the roof of The Flying Carpet pizzeria to take a selfie with a giant concrete pizza slice, only to have the concrete give way, causing the boy to fall to the sidewalk beneath.

The now-paralyzed boy's family sues the restaurant owners, who subsequently ask their liability insurance company to settle.

TAC represents the insurance company after it becomes clear the boy jumped a locked fence and ignored no trespassing signs before making his climb.

The plaintiff argues that the restaurant was holding a weekly contest for patrons to take a selfie with the restaurant prominently featured, and they encouraged unique and original photos.

Before the case is final, the insurance company pulls out, declaring the policy null and void due to a technicality and leaving the mom-and-pop owners liable for damages.

Bull finds a way to pressure the insurance rep into settling with the boy's family while protecting the restaurant owners.

After being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, both online and in-person, a woman encounters the man in her home and shoots him to death as he retreats down the steps.

She is arrested for murder. Bull takes the case pro bono, believing TAC can make the case that the woman was harassed so much by the ex, she truly believed he was an imminent threat.

The trial judge openly dislikes Bull due to a previous case, and forbids him from being in the courtroom. This forces Bull and Marissa to switch places.

During the trial, the state tries to prove that the woman was actually the stalker. Taylor finds the man's cell phone and computers to be strangely clean, but after she and Danny find a hidden passage to the man's basement, they discover a high-tech gadget used to block outgoing signals.

This turns the case in favor of the defense. Meanwhile, Taylor fears she is being ghosted by a man she recently dated.

Marissa's friend Stephen Aaron Dean Eisenberg , whose younger brother has just committed suicide, wants to sue notable philanthropic businessman Peter Maybrook Kevin Kilner for abusing that brother in the early s when he was a child.

While New York has passed a law removing the statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases during a certain window, Bull and Benny say they cannot sue on behalf of the deceased.

Stephen then reveals that he also was abused by Maybrook two years before his brother, and proposes to sue the billionaire himself.

Bull looks to select jurors who can empathize with an individual's need for personal privacy, but the trial ultimately turns on evidence from digital cameras that the brother stole from the defendant.

Chunk's friend Reggie from his private high school days, who is now a counselor, asks if Chunk can meet with the parents of Antonio Garcia, a year old who collapsed and died while training to make weight for a wrestling match.

The defense points to enrollment paperwork and contends that Antonio's parents failed to disclose a heart condition he had as an infant, but the mother contends that doctors told them the condition was gone by the time Antonio was five years old.

Knowing the defense paid a medical expert well known for appearing in court cases, Bull and the team look for any occasions where she testified that an infant mitral valve condition cannot cause a heart attack in teens.

However, the expert crosses them up by testifying she found evidence that Antonio was taking amphetamines before his death.

Chunk finds an email trail leading him to discover that Antonio confided with Reggie about his amphetamine use.

Reggie says Antonio did not want him to reveal his secret, but then says he did tell one person: Antonio's coach.

A white couple is left confused after the wife gives birth to a brown baby. Bull represents a German national who is being sued by a museum over possession of a valuable painting.

S3, Ep Bull agrees to have TAC represent a priest who is charged in a fatal hit-and-run after he's found behind the wheel of the church van involved in the crash.

But the case is complicated when the priest claims that the actual driver confessed to him, but he can't reveal that person's identity due to the confidentiality that comes with confession.

Bull and his romantic rival join forces, when her niece and husband are charged with armed robbery. New York's City's chief medical examiner, Julia Martin is charged with tampering evidence on the case that made her career.

Bull wants to mount a defense selling to the Jury that Martin may have made a mistake. Bull's new relationship with Diana, his on-again romantic rival, is complicated by his renewed feelings for his ex-wife, Isabella, when they're reunited by the sudden death of her and Benny's father.

Bull aims to raise reasonable doubt among the jurors when his friend Nathan is tried for his wife's murder. Bull gets to work alongside his idol, Walter Franklin, a legendary lawyer who asks him to help a family bring suit against the U.

The TAC team works tandem cases when Chunk represents a young man facing federal counterfeiting charges, and Bull represents his grandfather, who may lose his business to the FBI for owning the barbershop where the fake goods were sold.

Bull and the TAC team represent a teen boy raised in complete isolation when the young man goes on trial for murder after engaging in a deadly shootout.

As the trial gets underway, Bull looks to select jurors who believe his sheltered client acted under the misguided influence of the only other person he has ever known, his survivalist father.

Bull's romantic rival, Diana Lindsay, jeopardizes her career when she secretly has Bull come to Texas to assist a couple fighting against her former client for custody of their grandchildren.

Danny enlists bull's help for the assault trial of her former FBI mentor, a bounty hunter who kidnapped the wrong mark during his first assignment.

Bull defends a medical student who tried to prevent his brother from murdering a judge in order to cause a mistrial for their crime boss father.

Bull helps mount a defense for Taylor's brother-in-law, a prison guard charged with manslaughter for the drowning deaths of two inmates in the middle of a hurricane; Bull aims to convince the jury that his client tried to prevent a "greater harm.

Bull defends a step-mom accused of murdering her step-daughter. Benny receives unsettling news about his sister. Marissa shares her decision about having a baby with her husband.

Bull and Benny fight. Izzy shocks Bull with her own news. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. TV Shows Current. Want-to-watch TV.

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