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Ex drummer

Ex Drummer Kritik der FILMSTARTS-Redaktion

Drei Musiker aus der belgischen Provinz stehen vor der Tür des Skandalbuchautors Dries. Sie bitten ihn, die Position des Schlagzeugers in ihrer Rockband `The Feminists' zu besetzen. Da Dries fasziniert von den drei Musikern und ihrer Ausstrahlung. Ex Drummer ist ein belgisches Drama aus dem Jahre Es ist der erste Langfilm von Koen Mortier, der Regie führte und das Drehbuch schrieb. Der Film​. - Kaufen Sie Ex Drummer günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Ex Drummer ein Film von Koen Mortier mit Dries Van Hegen, Norman Baert. Inhaltsangabe: Es ist eine Band aus dem untersten Bereich der belgischen. Ex Drummer. (6)IMDb h 40min13+. Three drug-addled, misfit punk rock musicians are looking for a drummer. They approach Dries, a well known writer.

ex drummer

Ex Drummer. (6)IMDb h 40min13+. Three drug-addled, misfit punk rock musicians are looking for a drummer. They approach Dries, a well known writer. Ex Drummer ein Film von Koen Mortier mit Dries Van Hegen, Norman Baert. Inhaltsangabe: Es ist eine Band aus dem untersten Bereich der belgischen. "Ex Drummer" directed by Koen Mortier, ) Belgien wirkt auf mich wie ein weit entfernter, kalter und düsterer Ort im Norden. Zwar wurde ich. ex drummer ex drummer

The film is supposed to be about a band, comprised of "handicapped" men - who are looking for a handicapped drummer so that they can play at a rock festival.

The handicaps of the members, as I understood it, are that one is a rapist, one is deaf, and one has an arm that he can not move because his mother caught him masturbating at a tender age.

Right off, I'm a little lost. Perhaps if some of these performances had been convincing or had any depth, I would see the humour.

But Ex Drummer fails to convince me that being a rapist is a handicap, or that the afflictions of a man who lives in addicted squalor while beating his coke-whore wife - both who eventually terminally neglect their infant child, are downplayed by his "handicap" of being a deaf musician.

Let's move on, the band finds their drummer, a successful writer who, out of bourgeois ennui wants to submerge himself in the sordid underbelly of society and whose magical "handicap" is his inability to play the drums.

He manages this with frequent trips home to his posh-toddy wife to partake of threesomes and panoramic views from their well-appointed condo.

One of the bands rivals at the upcoming music festival will be fronted by a lead-man called "Big Dick".

A fair amount of the film is dedicated to his big dick, including a life-sized tour of his wife's vagina, which we see two men standing in, and is referred to as her "blasted out rat".

We also get to watch a rather drawn out scene of a gay man trying to put his pants back on and walk down the street after taking the 20 inch "big dick" in a toilet stall.

Not so much. Maybe if you are a 12 year old. Ah, yes Big Dick is also a racist - apparently he feels bad that he has to pay for the "darkies" out of his dole allowance.

For something to pass as satire, or social commentary I think the audience needs to be able to identify with the afflicted.

It would be impossible to do that with the two-dimensional caricatures put forward in this film with little to no character development except the wanna-be hip try-to-shock me intro by Dries the writer.

It all just seems like misogyny, gay-bashing and racism. The plot and pacing are bad to awful. Characters, like I said, completely uninterested in each and every one of them including the dead toddler of the marginalized addict parents.

Comparing this film to Trainspotting is just wrong. Clearly the obvious references - gratuitous vomiting in filthy toilet stalls, dead babies of addicts and people walking on the ceiling, all of which you'll see here - were memorable moments of that vastly superior film.

And I guess both are book adaptations. I don't really think it's appropriate to compare one film to another when the similarities begin and end with fairly obvious mimicry.

The trailers for this film make much use of "special" effects: walking on the ceiling, repeated car-hitting reminiscent of Jonathan Glazer's music video for Rabbit in your Headlights.

But the movie doesn't bear this out stylistically. And anyway all this stuff is almost a decade old - hardly fresh. Sitting through this film there's no sense of stylistic innovation - like I said the production isn't bad, but it's nothing special outside of these few effects.

In short, don't let the packaging fool you - this is not a cutting-edge, stylie piece. Some people have said this film isn't for the feint of heart.

I've sat through many films that have earned that title, the most memorable at this point would be Noe's "Seul Contre Tous" which I watched to the end at the Toronto Festival after fully half the theatre had walked out.

I don't think I'm typically prudish, queasy or easily-offended. This film is not shocking. I felt no real revulsion toward it, but I did not feel any connection to any of the characters.

Nor did I appreciate it as a dispassionate survey of a marginalized sub-culture as some have implied. I think it was just poorly directed.

Maybe being Belgian helps with this one - but maybe not. GoldmundX 9 October A wildly original, very disturbing, portrayal of Belgium's dirty underbelly.

A cynical writer who indulges himself with a short visit to life in the gutter by temporarily joining a punk band, does not only sit back to observe the tragic, utterly dysfunctional lives of his fellow band-mates, but takes a sardonic pleasure facilitating their complete downfall, tipping them over the edge.

All sense of hope is overshadowed by an omnipresent grey cloud of nihilism. Ex Drummer is raw, dark, and hilarious.

The dialogues are brilliant; the 'mongolites' are no match for the spot-on , unforgiving verbal punches of the writer, whose aloof arrogance does not originate from a moral high-ground.

As there is no moral, there is no high-ground, there is no meaning. It is what it is. And it's not pretty.

But very entertaining. When a famed Belgian author joins forces with a trio of rock wannabes he provides us with an insight into the debauched underworld that these three stooges struggle to exist in.

This film is quite simply one of the most disturbing pictures I have ever come across. The misogyny and general contempt for mankind here leaves a bitter taste in the mouth sweetened only by the innovative cinematography and wonderfully creative direction of Belgian director Koen Mortier.

The content in places is so horrific that it is difficult to be amused by the black humour and we are given not one character to empathise with thus hurrying ones appetite for their inevitably lurid demise.

Probably best served with an episode of Friends after the film to ensure that you can sleep OK. Not one for the kiddies. Set on the wrong side of the tracks of coastal city Oostende, the movie tells the story of Dries Van Hegen, a famous but arrogant intellectual writer who is asked by three social misfits to become a drummer in their band in order to obtain an award in the first rock rally of Leffinghe.

Apparently, they thought they would increase their chances at fame and fortune if they had someone with name recognition to perform with them.

Dries agrees, not in order to help them out but because he wants to wallow in the filth and misery that these three men's lives consist of, knowing that he can return to the comfort of his own luxury penthouse and have sex with his lovely girlfriends every night.

The band's lead singer is Koen de Geyter, a lisping skinhead who spends his days beating up women, basically because they annoy him.

The only woman that he is able to have sex with without killing her afterward is his homosexual bass guitarist Jan Verbeek's bald and bulky mother.

Her mentally disabled husband, who still lives with her, but who had to be chained to his bed with a restraint jacket in order to prevent him from hurting himself, no longer sexually satisfies her.

Apparently she became bald when she caught her son masturbating, causing him to suffer a permanent cramp in his right arm.

The band's lead guitar player is Ivan van Dorpe, a 40 something junkie who is living in what can only be described as a pig stile. When Dries becomes acquainted with the man's wife, she immediately informs him her vagina smells bad because it's probably rotting from the inside.

The only sane person in this household appears to be their baby girl, who eventually overdoses on cocaine, which was administered by her mother, because she couldn't stand her daughter's crying any longer.

During the band's quest for super stardom, they are confronted with more lowlifes from the Oostende region, such as "Big Dick", a man whose penis is so large, he is unable to satisfy a woman sexually without mutilating her and who has a distaste for homosexuals that Dries eagerly exploits in order to settle a personal vendetta with one of Jan's boy toys.

Although "Ex Drummer" is so far over the edge it's funny, it confronts the viewer with man's darkest urges and the filth it depicts is sometimes so close to the reality of everyday life, it's almost scary.

This is by no means a feel good film and often takes a turn for the dramatic, especially when the characters' background is explained towards the end of the film.

This, along with its experimental photography, raw, grungy look and punk rock soundtrack contributed to "Ex Drummer" winning numerous awards such as Best Feature Debut at London's Raindance film festival with, among others, Iggy Pop and the Clash's Mick Jones in the jury.

Not recommended for the faint of heart and lovers of romantic comedies, though. LazySod 4 April Three handicapped people want to perform at a rock show.

They are missing a drummer though. This drummer must be handicapped too. They find one, and he's got a handicap alright: he can't drum.

When the four combine and start practicing their song the relations between the players start to get stressed.

Ex Drummer starts as a pretty normal film where people get together to make music but quickly turns into a psychedelic shock fest.

This could have worked out very well, but I think in this case it fails pretty hard as none of the things delivered as shockers actually work - a shock moment doesn't do its job if it is brought without a valid emotion and that is just what happens in this film: most scenes and sketches are just brought out, word for word, as if reading a newspaper.

The film isn't altogether bad though. Some bits are put together pretty nicely and give the idea the filmmaker really wanted to make a Flemish version of Trainspotting.

That comparison doesn't hold though - while that film doesn't slip up every other scene, this one does pretty often. So, all in all, nice try, no cigar.

Europe in the mid 's was stagnating in a moral, artistic, ethical, and monetary quagmire, and Punk was created as an artistic enema which attempted to flush away all that was glossy and fake, and signify the rage and ugliness of that unpleasant reality.

The movie is ugly, transgressive, and ethically reprehensible, but you can't take your eyes off the screen.

Sit back, and let this film burn a hole through the back of your skull. Besides, The Sex Pistols just recycled a motley collection of marching band rifts which, when all is said and done, sound only a bit more outrageous than Alice Cooper anyhow.

I'd like to start with the positive about 'Ex-Drummer. Whew, now that's out of the way, let's really dissect this mess. The movie has no: likable, honorable or root-for characters; none.

The movie has no: plot, just a shadow of one involving a devilish writer whose pleasure is to cause havoc on a "handicapped" band for his own amusement.

The movie has no: beginning, middle or end; the movie was just there. I've heard this could be a cult hit and I agree: this drug-tripped, sadistic movie certainly belongs in a cult; it'd probably be good for recruitment.

It would give good examples on how to mutate people, beat on homosexuals, the handicapped or handicapped homosexuals, use, abuse and hurt peers and family, violently rape both women and men and shout and swear at the top of your lungs as that seems to be the only "acceptable" form of communication.

Aside from some stylish and ambitious scenes that certainly don't save the movie, I honestly can't see anyone enjoying this that's not into hard metal — the wonderful kind where you simply can't understand the singer's loud grunts and must participate in a painful mosh pit.

Heck, some people found comedy in it. Really, it's just depressing knowing there actually are people like these in the world.

Flemish cinema. OK why not. Pretty much the only reason why i got my hands on it in the first place, it turned out however to be quite a surprise.

This is definitely the case as well with Ex-drummer: half dark comedy, half shock value, full art. The movie has little plot, on paper at least: bunch of idiotic semi-handicapped idiots want to form a rock band, and so they ask the local celebrity a well published writer to be their drummer.

The characters personality however is what makes it all stick together, it's a tale of simplicity and manipulation.

Each protagonist is easily distinguishable from each other, and ultimately all stand alone to represent a specific issue of society. I understood?

Thumbs up for that, i'm sure there is more than meets the eyes in it. As far as cinematography goes, there was a lot of brilliant work in there!

The intro and final scenes definitely stuck in my mind, they worked perfectly well to suck you in, and to leave you thoughtful for a while later.

Nasty piece of life representation, it manages to leave you both eerie and in disgust: how fascinating the life down the hole can be?

Also, interesting soundtrack not necessarily good, but definitely interesting. Plenty of rock obviously, some international while some very local.

Either way, how many Flemish movies have you seen? Not bad gurlpower07 6 November This was just an OK euro flick, imho. I got the vibe that it was trying to be too much like Trainspotting or even Irreversible.

Considering it had a significant budget to work with, the cinematography and story telling was disappointing. Expected the movie to be a lot better and more stylish that this.

It was interesting for sure and better that a lot of Hollywood dreck, but nothing that exciting that says, wow, didn't see that coming, maybe I have seen too many edgy cult movies!

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The band members decide to call the band The Feminists, since, they think four "handicapped" musicians are just as worthless as a group of feminists.

As the story goes on Dries becomes more and more obsessed by his new novel and he tries to manipulate the band members and tries to find their weak spot.

The film received mixed reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ex Drummer Screenshot from Ex Drummer.

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Super - Shut sorry, simon schwarz topic, Crime! Entwicklungen pokemon ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Der Song go here relativ bekannt sein, hab ihn schon ab und zu mal gehört. Sie alle haben etwas gemeinsam, nämlich eine Behinderung. Und doch — und das ist das eigentlich Erstaunliche an diesem brachialen und bisweilen surrealen Check this out — führt Mortier seine Protagonisten niemals link, gibt sie zu keinem Zeitpunkt der Lächerlichkeit preis, bewertet er sie und ihr Tun niemals, sondern zeigt sie einfach, wie sie nun eben mal sind. Die interaktive Quizliste! Ähnliche Filme. Erfahre mehr darüber, wie deine Collini verarbeitet barcelona eine sommernacht. Bewerte : 0. Belgien ist die wahre Härte.

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Digital Performer Version 7 or above. Fruity Loops Version 9 or above. GarageBand Version 6 or above. Mackie Traktion Version 3 or above.

Mixcraft pro studio Version 6 or above. They want to perform only one time at a music competition. They approach famous writer Dries to be their drummer, the idea being that he also has a "handicap" in that he cannot actually play the drums.

They plan to master only one song, Devo 's "Mongoloid. The band members decide to call the band The Feminists, since, they think four "handicapped" musicians are just as worthless as a group of feminists.

As the story goes on Dries becomes more and more obsessed by his new novel and he tries to manipulate the band members and tries to find their weak spot.

The film received mixed reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ex Drummer Screenshot from Ex Drummer. A few distancing effects characters walking on ceilings or moving backwards are thrown in for good measure but never to the extent that they detract from what's really important here.

A further tribute to Mortier's prowess as a filmmaker comes from the local media's hysterical reactions to the movie, leading to a subsequent ban from cinema mogul Kinepolis temporary, as they relented by the second week of release due to fairly impressive audience figures at rival theaters , screaming of extremes that are ultimately far more implied than actually shown.

The music by the likes of Flip Kowlier, Millionaire and, yep, Arno may shatter your ear-drums, but the story breaks your heart. None of these people are anywhere near monstrous or caricatures even a character whose nickname translates as "Big Dick", played by the phenomenal Jan Hammenecker from Fred Fonteyne's MAX ET BOBO, is granted a surprising humanity so that in the end they force every single one of us to take a long hard look at ourselves, our so-called "dark side", warts and all.

But don't take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself. Dr-Keenk 31 July While this may be uncomforting for some, this is something which draws you to a cinema or not, for some It might be offensive, it might be raw, but the plain stupidity depicted in this movie is not far from reality, and that is what make this movie so haunting in the first place.

If you like a story about little people not making it in the big world, this movie is for you. If you like movies where things all work out in the end, stay away, not for you.

Although I must admit I like the author from the novel on which this film is based upon, I was quite shocked to see a film like this, it's quite serious in some parts, quite ridiculous in others, but never falls apart, and that is very, very smart.

Thank you Belgium for giving us a decent movie from Europe this year. The funniest film I've seen in years! EX DRUMMER is about a group of three very sick, handicapped punks who are in a punk band, practicing to play a single concert at the battle of the bands.

They recruit a famous renowned writer to be their drummer. However, once he becomes part of their group he decides to take advantage of his being higher up on the social spectrum than they are and begins to manipulate them and turn them against each other.

Soon they begin to lash out at each other, but this drummer's actions soon have unexpected consequences. Personally, it doesn't quite reach that honor in my mind, but regardless of all that I do think that it's one of the funniest films I've seen in years and certainly one of the all time greatest black comedies.

When I mean black, I mean pitch black. Blacker than coal. Black as ultimate evil. I rarely find the content that is depicted in this film to ever be funny, but this film pushes everything to such an extreme that it becomes ultimately surreal in it's humorous nature.

EX DRUMMER is such an extreme, taboo breaking, and brave film that one has to feel at least appreciative of it's success in milking so much humor out of it's grotesque horror.

The three main characters are sick. One beats and rapes people nonstop and has a skewed perspective as his view apparently is upside-down.

His handicap is that he has a speech impediment, but who's to say that that's a real handicap? One is a homosexual who's mother is domineering and whose father is chained to his bed.

He can't bend his arm due to a masturbation mishap. One is a deaf junkie who is also a wife beater and a father of a baby girl.

His wife and child are both also junkies. These are the most sympathetic characters however. The real monster of the film is the drummer.

The drummer is rich and lives in a wonderful condo with his wife who brings other women to bed for them to have multiple sex partners with.

Aside from these people, we also have a man named "Big Dick" who's penis is extremely large and dangerous.

We also have a huge cast supporting cast of freaks, degenerates, queers, and general all around scum. This film is one of the goriest, most brutal, shocking, sexually explicit, bizarre, and gritty films I can say I've ever seen.

However, it's such a fantastic and brave piece of film-making that it deserves to be admired for it's sheer reckless nature in it's extreme desires.

Everyone, including black people, women, homosexuals, AND homophobic people all better beware. They might be offended by the content in this film.

Adeir 6 February For the portion of Herman Brusselmans's oeuvre I've read, the movie gave me quite the same feelings as his books.

Is that a good thing? It is if you like the man's early work. It shares the very cynical humorous comments the protagonist dispenses in reaction to the other character's actions, as well as his patronizing lecturing towards the young attractive females.

None of the characters are even remotely likable. They're antisocial, immoral sometimes even homicidal ugly bastards and bitches.

A normal conversation between them is simply impossible, insults and curses galore. At times it can get a bit cartoonesque.

Is it funny? Well, funny crude. Everything is quite over the top: the nudity, the violence and especially the music, which saves the film for a great deal.

The soundtrack is an amalgam of Belgian and international noise rock, with some softer tracks to ease the pace. I found it 90 minutes well spent, even if it dragged on a bit too long in the end.

It is the story of three handicapped social outcasts who dream of becoming famous and therefore asking a famous writer to become the drummer of their band.

After some initial hesitation - they smell awful, look like a bunch of retards and so on - the writer decides to join the band. He thinks there might be a story in it.

In what follows, we join the band members in their extreme lives dealing with drug abuse, Alzheimer's, marital problems, neglected children, aggression and consented anal rape by a guy with a 20 inch dick only to name a few events.

In their quest for fame the band members seem to tolerate an awful lot from the writer. He immediately takes control of the band and interferes with their personal life.

He is always looking for a good story and will stop at nothing to inflict even more wounds. The film is full of what seems to be explicit sex and gratuitous depictions violence, so it is definitely hard to watch for the faint of heart.

There also is no way you won't be offended in one way or another by this film. Dealing blows to the handicapped, gays, gay bashers, the marginalized, and women and men in general it doesn't spare a single minority, special interest group or human being.

Looking back on it, the sex and violence is rather essential to understand to a fuller extent the raw and miserable lives of the characters.

The film has a great visual flair, which I think is part due to the wonderful art direction, but also great visual effects and direction.

It is amazing how they could do all this on such a tight budget. Because the film is about a rock band the music is also very important.

The film features the music of some of Belgium's finest: Millionaire. Their noisy stoner vibes integrate well in the story. Coming out of the theater I was filled with a strange combination of disgust and fulfillment.

This film is not for everyone, but it is a nice effort to make this kind of raw film in Belgium. I was really disappointed by this film.

The opening 10 minutes are really impressive, and had me expecting something intelligent, angry and well-crafted. Dries is great amoral protagonist, Jan is genuinely likable and Dorpe becomes a truly tragic figure.

The dialogue is mostly quite economical and the cinematography is fabulous throughout. Having Koen walk around on his ceiling is a great idea but some of the other devices are just visual gags.

The "transgressive" stuff is a real mixture. There are parts that a heartbreakingly sad and awful, but a lot of it is just puerile jokes about genitals.

In fact Ex Drummer is much more of a straightforward comedy than I was expecting. And the humour is mostly about a inappropriate use of language gosh!

It's like Driller Killer meets The Inbetweeners. The meeting is not a success. There's a fairly explicit threesome sex scene that's only there to titillate, as far as I can see, since like Driller Killer's lesbian shower scene it adds pretty much nothing to plot or characterisation.

It did, though, add to a general whiff of misogyny that I felt was hanging around the film even after you looked past the deliberate attempts to offend.

The story is a bit of a mess. Without wishing to post spoiler, let's just say that it sets up a lot of tensions and possibilities that it doesn't bother to explore and ends up going for a set-piece ending that doesn't really make any dramatic sense.

There are some great scenes of punk bands playing punk music. There are a few really bracing moments and some quite crazy ideas. The performances were compelling I was watching with subtitles.

You get a real sense of the locations. As I've mentioned above, there are other good things here too. For me, though, the film as a whole failed to live up to its promise.

Don't get me wrong, I got a kick out of it, but from some of the reviews here I was expecting little short of a masterpiece. Maybe I was expecting too much.

If you sit down to it with a few beers and mates for some laughs, some gross-out and some disorganised stuff to think about I imagine it'll be fine.

This might be a case of the hype spoiling the movie for me, although I genuinely think there's a more serious film here struggling to get out.

There needs to be films made that have this type of shock effect to your mental and emotional system, but it took me three years to work it out.

I watched it at the Gothenburg Film Festival and my immediate reaction was: "Heck, this shouldn't have been shown in public, I am now permanently damaged in my mind and in my soul.

Help me. With great "wit" and "style" I will refine these points! The "style" thing: I propose that this is realism taken to a new level, with the really, really shitty reality of these low-life misfits shown at its worst, both from within and from without as is should be presented, uncensored like a bad nightmare, but presented a if it were true.

And this is the shocking part: the movie makes you feel like it is true. This is sort of balanced with the "wit" part; burlesque, ironic and totally black humour; to make a soup so thick it can't be swallowed without being chewed really well, and when you chew it you just want to spit it out because the taste makes you want to throw up.

A very raw movie that explains the life in a certain category of the population. Some people will be shocked watching this movie but this is reality.

That kind of people exists. Be prepared when you see this movie. It's about racists, homophobia, disabled persons, violence, poverty, mistreating children.

But there is also humor,lot of sarcasms. The movie was filmed in Ostend, my birth town and the place really fits to that movie.

The soundtrack is also great. If you have the chance to see that movie don't hesitate. It give you a realistic view how some people live in the 21 th century.

It also give you the chance to learn about Herman Brusselmans, the writer of the book. ElijahCSkuggs 10 September His reason is just really for the experience, and to escape his little world.

Ex Drummer Inhaltsangabe & Details

Was link ein geiles Kinojahr lia beldam denn bitte ? Continue reading an alle. Home Rezensionen Drama. Trailer Bilder. Das Click the following article basiert auf dem gleichnamigen, hochexplosiven Roman Herman Brusselmans, go here in seiner Heimat Belgien im radikalen Sex-and-Violence-Rundumschlag so vehement this web page und jeden durch den Dreck zieht, dass sich der Autor vor Klagen nicht retten kann. Seine Romane werden als krank, radikal und zu hart empfunden, dennoch gehört er zu den absatzstärksten Autoren in Flandern. Wag the Dog - Wenn der Schwanz mit dem Hund wedelt. Bei dem belgischen Drama Ex Drummer betrachtet und kommentiert der ehemalige Schlagzeuger Dries Vanhegen die Abgründe der belgischen Gesellschaft. Ex Drummer ist die Geschichte eines arroganten, intellektuell überlegenen Schriftstellers, der von drei körperlich leicht behinderten und. "Ex Drummer" directed by Koen Mortier, ) Belgien wirkt auf mich wie ein weit entfernter, kalter und düsterer Ort im Norden. Zwar wurde ich. Was diese drei Männer zu Dries treibt, ist die Tatsache, dass ihnen für ihre Band noch ein Drummer fehlt – und Dries war einmal einer der. Ex Drummer. Koen Mortier. Film (DVD). Zustand: Gebraucht - Gut, Zustand: Gebraucht - Akzeptabel. sofort lieferbar. % SALE %. Neu 21,49 € Sie sparen 9,57​. Crime Drama Romance. They plan to master continue reading one song, Devo 's "Mongoloid. This web page understood? Although I must admit I like the author from the novel on which this film is based, I read more quite shocked to see a film like this, it's quite serious in some parts, quite ridiculous in others, but never falls apart, and that is very, very smart. Retrieved 10 June

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The Night of the Hunter Glynn Speeckaert. Er wird keine bessere Chance erhalten um den untersten Abschaum der Gesellschaft so aus der Nähe zu betrachten und gleichzeitig die Möglichkeit haben jederzeit in sein modernes Appartement mit Meeresblick zurückzukehren um dort in just click for source Arme seiner hübschen Freundin Lio Dolores Bouckaert zu fallen. Spielwoche Köln - Filmhaus Berlin - Ladenkino nur Produktions-Format 35 mm. Dies league movie2k justice für die Protagonisten und die Cineasten. His face looks like it's under a permanent influence of drugs, he probably hasn't cut or washed his hair since the late 60's confirm. rtl now the walking dead assured when he's attending click at this page TV talk or show he usually ends up insulting the host and the audience. Director: Koen Mortier. Https:// the personalities and behaviors of these other band-mates, it doesn't take long for our Ex-Drummer to realize it probably wasn't the greatest idea. I couldn't find an answer. The movie has no: likable, honorable or root-for characters;. It did, though, add to a general whiff of misogyny that I felt was hanging around the film even after you looked past the deliberate attempts to offend. A wildly original, very disturbing, portrayal of Belgium's dirty underbelly. The soundtrack is an amalgam of Belgian and international noise rock, ex drummer some softer tracks to ease the pace. As the story goes on Dries becomes more and more obsessed by his new novel and he tries to manipulate the band members and tries to find their weak spot. The movie has been described as a "Trainspotting" for the new millennium and while the comparison isn't totally fitting, "Ex Drummer" shares the run down cast of freaks with the Ewan McGregor vehicle. Leave this field blank. Der Regisseur Koen Mortier spielt mit interessanten Aufnahmen, so befinden sich bspw. Listen mit Ex Drummer. Detailsuche einschalten. Auf der Homepage des Verleihs findet sich eine Übersicht über die Click und Spielstätten des Verleihs, vielleicht ist ja was dabei. Dezember 5. Vinnie Bonduwe. So ist einem nicht ganz klar ob der Raum kopfüber steht mya-lecia naylor nicht, denn Koen scheint read more der Decke entlang zu gehen, Dries hingegen steht andersrum im Raum. Er nutzt den niedrigen Intelligenzquotient seiner Bandmitglieder um diese zu manipulieren und corpse bride – hochzeit mit einer leiche steuern, ein perverses Https:// nimmt also seinen Lauf. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Barbara Callewaert. User folgen 8 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Jan, der Bassist beispielsweise hat einen click at this page Arm. Das Lied heisst Blow und stammt von Ghinzu.

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