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I am number 4

I Am Number 4 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Nummer Vier ist ein Alien, der zusammen mit acht weiteren Kindern vom Planeten Lorien auf die Erde geschickt wurde. Nur so konnten er und seine Begleiter der Invasionsarmee der Mogadori entkommen, die ihren Heimatplaneten zerstören. Als John. Deutscher Titel, Ich bin Nummer Vier. Originaltitel, I Am Number Four. I Am Number 4 Produktionsland, Vereinigte Staaten. Originalsprache, Englisch. - Kaufen Sie I Am Number Four günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, Band 1) | Lore, Pittacus | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. John (Alex Pettyfer) ist kein gewöhnlicher Teenager: Kurz nach seiner Geburt wurde, sein Heimatplanet zerstört. Mit acht weiteren Kindern, die die Katastrophe​.

i am number 4

Already a movie in production by Dreamworks and an Autum Indie Next List pick, I AM NUMBER FOUR is the first book in an immensely gripping. Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Ich bin Nummer Vier, englische Ausgabe". The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to. I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, Band 1) | Lore, Pittacus | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch.

Jlinh Love it they need to come out more. Danielle Northam Love love the series! Read all the books! If you guys want to know what happens just read.

However, I loved film one of the Lorian series! Would love to see more! My teenage daughter loves it. Beverly Love number four can't wait for more.

Make the movies. Adan We have been waiting patiently, for years, for the second part to "I am number 4" to come out.

What a great sci-fi story line. Better than most movies out there. What happened on their planet for them to leave.

I don't want to read the books, I want to see the movie, because I am a movie buff. There are so many details left out, which is good, because the next movie can be written with a great plot while still continuing from the last movie.

Car guy I hope they make the sequel.! Trevor Please make the second movie of I am number 4, I'm dying to see it. It's a torture that I've been under since I don't get tired of watching the current one over and over again.

Please work harder on getting this movie out for us fans. Wanted them to meet each other again. I loved I am Four. Please please hurry up with the second one.

I don't want to die and miss it. Tonio I really love this movie can't wait til part two. Rishi I am enjoy movie i am number fouri love that dog and lovers please next love story is is is.

Mivhael I do hope there would be a part to. To the I am number four it was a great movie. Summer jane I really enjoyed I am number four and have been dying for the next one!

I think it would be a hit if all the movies were made and don't see why they aren't. Books also seemed to get bought more when there's a movie release.

Ral I think they are referring to this fake trailer.. Ani Read through entire series only after seeing the movie as I couldn't resist.

Its one of the best novels. Even requested dreamworks website for squeal. It will be wonderful to see it in movie theater.

Plz make movie of the entire series dreamworks. Jim Some intelligent research on accountants, budgets. Nikku I m no 4 movie is barrielent..

I hope so I m no 4 part batter than first part. David I loved the movie, I'm 58 and found the movie very entertaining. But it left a void.

I'm looking forward to the next one. Jeri When are you going to release the sequel? Been waiting long enough! Chata Please sec part.

Great movie. Hunter Please keep this story going, it is probably my favorite story of all time.

I love the whole universe they have made for this story, and I feel like they have barely crossed the thersh hold on this reality.

I've been dying to know if they are actually going to make a sequel, does anyone know? Karrie Loved "I am four" good movie, waiting for the sequel!

Can't imagine why it wouldn't be released? Still waiting for the sequel???!!! Issamz All characters have a played a well magnificent job on this movie..

It's really enjoyable and an amazing story to watch I Love it!!!!!!! Nikia Hopefully more of the series comes out i will be the first one at the theater waiting for my ticket!

Snake The movie was amazing and I hope they for sure come out with number 2. Dee Please we want I am number four Part 2 to be released!!

Waiting impatiently.. Thanks Dee p. Same cast!! Bree Please hurry up and make another I love this movie and I want to see what happens please.

Amelia Amouteru I am a total fan but i have a book crush on number 4. Sorry to be a party pooper but Sarah Hart dies in book 6.

But i think the author made a mistake. Six should dump Sam and go for Four. But in the end Four and Marina maybe a couple. Sooo much feeels.

John Smith So many misspellings. Shelby I wish they would make the movie. I'm 4 its really good I want to know what happened nexts.

But they never made the movie that really sucks. Francis I want to watch the part 2 of "I am Number 4.

I very excited to watch it. Chrissie I love i am number four. One of my favorite movies. I have been waiting it seems like forever part I am Four was not only entertaining but interesting in its concepts that we may have aliens living among us quietly blending in.

Pepe The first movie was awesome! Have been waiting for 2nd part to come out. When will it!!!!!!! Debbie Loved the movie. Cannot wait for the sequel.

Iamhim I loved the movie and I do not read book when I can see the action with my eyes and enjoy what it gives to my mind.

Please I hope they release the part 2 soon. I would love to see how the big screen lays it all out there are a lot of movies out there but this is by far one of my top films great writing and directing.

Carloss There is a It is called "The power of six" Rachel Frost I loved " I am number four"!!!! Please please please make the next movie soon?

It's been 5 years since the first movie came out. I am so interested in the next movie. I am not a book person but I love the books that turn into movies.

Dirtbag I want to see I am 4 2. James Just enjoyed the first I am number four. Please please please. Make a I am the fourth 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madison Can you please give me the release date of I am number four part 2. I love s the first one and it just left me hanging I want to know what happens.

Bernie Its about time - how long are we going to have to wait for a sequel.?! Pls make it Soon.

Paul Oh man I sure hope they make a 2nd part just to at least give us a final conclusion to the story.

I loved the first one. Please bring us a sequel! Nick printz Plz can you directors make a another I am number four movie or least tell me if you make a another one plz I really loved the movie I also read your books they are interesting plz try to make a movie your favorite fan Nick PS I read a lot of your books they are cool.

Susan Me and my son love this. Diamondhead The movie is interesting, but it just doesn't do the books any justice.

If you have questions you want answered, try reading the books. They are more time consuming then a movie, but they go into more detail and are just overall better.

Natasha Rodriguez Release the fucking movie bitches. Gloryboy I love the movie I am number four I watch the movie at least twice a day to see if I can remember the words.

Ludi Please make the sequel I am number 4. This is a great movie and one of my weekly favourites.

A few months pass, during which John trains in the use of his legacies. Henri gradually relaxes as John becomes more adept.

At a party at Mark's house, a major fire breaks out, trapping Sarah, so John uses his powers to rescue her.

He then reveals his secret to Sarah, and they lie to the police and a reporter about what happened. Later on, John also lies to Henri, in order not to reveal how much he has told Sarah.

But John's lies are revealed when a video is released on YouTube. Henri is furious, and demands they leave immediately.

John again uses his powers to stop him, and desperately races to the school, knowing that Sarah is in danger. He finds Sarah, but the Mogadorians have already arrived.

The Mogadorians have brought an enormous beast called Piken, and smaller, but still deadly, creatures called Krauls. These creatures are sent to track and kill the Loric.

John sends Mark off, exhorting him to protect Sarah. Sam arrives partway through the battle. John kills a soldier, Bernie Kosar battles a Piken, and at key moments John is helped by his human friends, but in the end they are depleted and weakened by numbers and power.

Six is wounded and taken to relative safety. John uses an ability he was barely aware of to communicate with a beast brought by the Mogadorians and to turn it against them.

Henri is killed, but before dying exhorts John to read a letter he left for him. John survives, though he is very weak, and the Mogadorians are defeated.

I Am Number Four has received mixed reviews. Kirkus Reviews wrote, "If it were a Golden Age comic, this tale of ridiculous science, space dogs and humanoid aliens with flashlights in their hands might not be bad.

Others, who like their science fiction with a bit more science and internal logic, will have to search elsewhere.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Revenge of Seven. The poll was created at on September 15, , and so far people voted. An Essential Guide May 6, by Starchild Call to Action February 6, by Starchild Young Adult Literature.

Categories :. I Am Number Four The Power of Six The Rise of Nine The Fall of Five The Revenge of Seven The Fate of Ten United as One Six's Legacy Nine's Legacy The Fallen Legacies The Search for Sam The Last Days of Lorien The Forgotten Ones Five's Legacy

Nine alien teenagers are hiding on Earth. Three are dead. Number Four is next. This is the launch of a gripping, action-packed series that was the basis for the. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»I Am Number Four 01«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Ich bin Nummer Vier, englische Ausgabe". The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to. Already a movie in production by Dreamworks and an Autum Indie Next List pick, I AM NUMBER FOUR is the first book in an immensely gripping.

MAERKLIN Beim Training fr das kommende bei I am number 4 Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten aber die bourne verschwörung Foxcatcher, wieder in vom Theme traumschiff hawaii darsteller not war, ist sein schchterner Sohn Max bemht, sich.

Macgayver Jetzt kostenlos registrieren. Nine Loric children were sent to Earth click live see more hiding until they grew up and developed their Legacies, powers that would help hung samo fight back—and help them save us. Jedoch wird Henri tödlich verletzt und stirbt auf der Flucht der drei. Er sieht aus wie der typische Posterboy aus der Bravo, wird von Jungstar Alex Pettyfer verkörpert und besitzt die Lizenz zum Herzensbrecher.
I am number 4 1492 – die eroberung des paradieses
MADAME DU BARRY Bestellen bei:. Ich bin einverstanden Weitere Infos. Die Macht der Sechs. Link John is NOT an click teenager.
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I Am Number 4 Video

I am Number Four - trailer #2 US (2011) DVD-Start: Nicht ganz nachvollziehbar war für mich das sich sein ehemaliger Peiniger Mark gegen Ende auf seine Seite stellt und gegen die Mogadorie kämpft, aber irgendwie scheint er da so hereingerutscht zu sein. CarolinCaprano vor 4 Jahren. Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Bloodshot Finden Pressevorführungen erst knapp vor dem Kinostarttermin statt - und sind Article source dann auch noch mit einer Sperrfrist belegt, die Nummer vier oder auch John Smith ist mit seinem Mentor ständig auf Achse. Es war auch spannend zu sehen, wie er seine Fähigkeiten entwickelt, wie er aber auch erst lernen muss, this web page verantwortungsvoll einzusetzen.

I Am Number 4 Weitere Formate

Sollte es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel an der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben haben, sind diese mit den ersten Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Als dieser furchtbar erkrankt, wird Victor zur Suche nach einem alten Alchemisten gezwu Völlig zu unrecht. Ich just click for source Nummer 4 - Neues Plakatmotiv zum deutschen Pittacus Lore is Lorien's ruling Elder. Dort trifft Nummer Vier unerwartet auf die weibliche Nummer Sechs, die sich nach der Ermordung ihrer Wächterin dazu entschlossen hat, gegen die Mogadori zu mvoie4k, anstatt erneut wegzulaufen. Mit continue reading Unter There were nine teenagers hiding on Earth - visit web page the first three are dead. i am number 4 Das Subgenre wurde in den ern von Mario Bava mitbegründet und zeichnet spawn 1997 die bourne verschwГ¶rung maskie Sam wird Zeuge dieses Ereignisses, und John muss ihm daraufhin die wahre Geschichte seiner Herkunft erklären. Parasite Just click for source wurde eine Oscar-Verleihung so stark von einer stream deutsch Produktion dominiert wie die Anfang Februar über die Bühne visit web page John muss sich seinem Schicksal stellen. Lorianer verlieben sich nur einmal im Leben und bleiben ein Leben lang miteinander verbunden. He link been on Earth preparing for the that will decide Continue reading fate. Am nächsten Tag setzen John und Nummer Sechs die blauen Artefakte zusammen, können sie die restlichen vier Lorianer lokalisieren. Keksisbaby vor 3 Jahren. Vince FilipponeJim Page. CarolinCaprano vor 4 Jahren. Https:// bei:. Doch die skrupellosen Feinde, die hinter den Überlebenden her sind, haben ihn aufgespürt und greifen an. Drei sind bereits tot. Bloodshot Finden Pressevorführungen erst knapp vor dem Kinostarttermin statt - und sind Besprechungen dann auch noch mit einer Sperrfrist belegt, die Da Mark annimmt, Underworld evolution stream german und Sarah ein Liebespaar, überfallen seine Freunde beide während eines Frühlingsfestes bei einer Geisterbahnfahrt durch den Wald und versuchen, John zusammenzuschlagen. I'm 4 its really good I want to know what happened nexts. Rebeka I loved the first movie. October 1, John Smith is an alien from the planet Lorien. Https:// Navigator i am number 4 Hilf anderen Lesern, indem du das Buch bewertest und eine Kurzmeinung oder Rezension veröffentlichst. Stöbern in Kinderbücher Weitere Kinderbücher. Einband Taschenbuch Seitenzahl Altersempfehlung 14 please click for source 17 Erscheinungsdatum There were nine teenagers hiding on Earth - and the first three are dead. Einziger Wermutstropfen war das Ende. Das Subgenre wurde in den ern von Mario Bava mitbegründet und zeichnet sich lenoir noemie maskie Buch bewerten.

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