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Star wars freemaker

Star Wars Freemaker Die Reaktion der Fans

Als die drei Freemaker-Geschwister während ihrer Suche nach wertvollen Schrottteilen ein uraltes Artefakt finden, geraten sie in das Visier des Imperiums und müssen darum kämpfen, den Frieden der Galaxie wiederherzustellen. Als der zwölfjährige Rowan Freemaker durch seine Empfindsamkeit für Macht das Kyberschwert, ein altes Artefakt mit einer starken Verbindung zu den Jedi. "LEGO Star Wars – Die Abenteuer der Freemaker" ist eine computeranimierte Fernsehserie, die seit Juni in den USA auf dem Sender Disney XD. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Lego Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker - Staffel 1 [2 DVDs] von Michael Hegner, Jens Møller, Martin. LEGO Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker ist eine Serie von Bill Motz und Bob Roth mit Nicolas Cantu (Rowan), Vanessa Lengies (Kordi). Die drei.

star wars freemaker

LEGO Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker ist eine Serie von Bill Motz und Bob Roth mit Nicolas Cantu (Rowan), Vanessa Lengies (Kordi). Die drei. Lego Star Wars - Die Abenteuer Der Freemaker - Staffel 1 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Lego Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker - Staffel 1 [2 DVDs] von Michael Hegner, Jens Møller, Martin.

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Überprüfen Sie die Systemanforderungen. Staffel 5, Folge 4 20 Min. Der Ruf des Kristalls.

Star Wars Freemaker Video

LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures - Season 2 Episode 8 - Flight of the Arrowhead Der Erbauer von Zoh. Die Wege kreuzen sich. Der Turm von Alistan Nor. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ärger auf Tibalt. August ebenfalls auf dem Sender Disney XD angelaufen. Der Kristall von Sky go wieviele gleichzeitig. Dauer 13 Folgen 5 Std. star wars freemaker Die Jagd nach click at this page wertvollen Fracht bringt die Freemakers in die Wolkenstadt. Überprüfen Sie die Systemanforderungen. Zanders Spritztour. Der Test. Weitere Informationen. Zurück zum Rad.

Despite Hondo stealing their starship the StarScavenger and being attacked by M-OC, the Freemakers managed to escape offworld with the proton suspension housing with the help of Roger, who subdued Hondo.

The Freemakers later traveled to their former home Freemaker Salvage and Repair on the Wheel to obtain an energy matrix activator.

Kordi's plan was to sneak into their former home at night to recover it. However, their mission was complicated by Roger's run-in with several Ranats and the arrival of Graballa the Hutt and his bounty hunters , who wanted to hand over Rowan to Darth Vader.

With the help of Kordi, the Freemakers managed to escape their captors and reunite with Roger. After eluding Darth Vader, they escaped back to the rebel fleet with the energy matrix activator.

After a failed attempt to acquire kyber crystals on the planet Qalydon , [12] the Freemakers traveled to an uncharted planet , where Jedi Master Baird Kantoo had forged the Kyber Saber years earlier.

Using his Force building powers, Rowan forged a giant kyber crystal out of several small crystals in a pit. Having collected all the pieces, the Freemakers then headed back to the rebel fleet.

Since the rebel fleet was under attack from Imperial forces, Quarrie convinced the Freemakers that they had to assemble the Arrowhead offworld.

Quarrie tasked the rebel pilot Lieutenant Valeria with flying the Arrowhead to the planet Jakku.

However, Valeria landed the Arrowhead in quick sand, causing the ship to sink and explode. Though the managed to recover most of the pieces, the ship's energy matrix activator fell into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker.

Following a failed attempt by Zander and Roger to cover the matrix activator, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and distracted the Imperial officers long enough for Valeria to knock them out.

Valeria and Zander distracted the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to rebuild the Arrowhead. The Freemakers were regarded by the rebels as heroes and received various promotions.

This allowed the Arrowhead to destroy the Desolator and return triumphantly to the rebel fleet.

However, the rebel victory was overshadowed by Lord Vader's capture of Rowan. Lieutenant Valeria allowed them to "steal" the ship due to her sympathies for their plight.

The Freemakers took the Arrowhead to the heavily fortified Imperial capital of Coruscant. Roger then dropped Kordi and Zander on the top spire of the Imperial Palace so that they could rescue Rowan.

Meanwhile, Luke is able to stop the Star Scavenger which crash-lands on Felucia. They make repairs, but an acklay has taken possession of the hyperdrive.

Discovering the native plants bloom when the Force is used near them, Luke and Rowan distract the acklay and recover the hyperdrive. Back on the Wheel, Kordi and Zander have rescued the princes from the garbage chute.

Zander knocks out the stormtroopers while Kordi and Leia escape to the Upper Ring where they accidentally hide in Cooper's quarters.

They briefly convince him they are his cleaning crew, but stormtroopers are alerted, sending the girls back on the run. On Coruscant, Naare meets with the Emperor, who chides her for her failure to quickly find the parts of the Kyber Saber.

Kordi and Leia hide in a diner, where Kordi is caught, but Leia atacks the troopers and Estoc to keep Kordi from being arrested.

Zander arrives in the nick on Cooper's speeder bike. The Freemakers convince Estoc that Leia forced them to help her.

Sometime later, a frustrated Naare returns as well. Rowan presents her with a flower from Felucia, that immediately wilts.

Suspicions revolving around the Jedi's true nature begin to click for the boy. Dengar, Baash, and Raam escape from prison on Cloud City and report to Graballa, who had just made another failed attempt to convince Jabba to let him open a resort.

Rowan is troubled by the revelations of last episode and fears that Naare is a villain, but is unable to tell his siblings due to their concern over their cash flow.

Podracing champion Ben Quadinaros then approaches the family about serving as his pit crew in a race on Tattooine, but it turns out to be a setup by Graballa.

The Freemakers are able to escape on a stolen Podracer after Jabba arrives to investigate Graballa's presence, but end up stuck in the desert after the podrace leads to the destruction of their vehicle.

They manage to take refuge in an abandoned Jawa sandcrawler, and the elder siblings contact Naare despite Rowan's half-hearted attempts to convince them not to do so.

Graballa's forces arrive and attack, and are about to capture the Freemakers when Naare arrives and overcomes them with relative ease.

During the battle, however, Rowan hides in her Eclipse Fighter and discovers her red-bladed lightsaber and dark side connection when the Emperor calls to check on her progress.

The elder Freemakers are more convinced than ever of Naare's "heroic" nature, leaving Rowan at a loss as to how to deal with the deceiving Sith.

Rowan reveals to the other Freemakers that Naare is a Sith, and the group manage to escape her after being pursued by her in the Eclipse Fighter, though the Star Scavenger is badly damaged.

Naare ends up making a deal with Graballa to hunt down the Freemakers and the crystals together, while the Freemakers crash land on Takodana, home to Maz Kanata.

They lightly damage the ship of pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who is convinced to spare the Freemakers harm in exchange for them retrieving three golden orbs from one of Takodana's moons.

Rowan, to his surprise, senses a Kyber Saber Crystal in Maz's castle, but assumes that he is imagining things and accompanies his siblings and Roger to the moon.

They find that the orbs are in a pit surrounded by adult Varactyls, giant carnivorous lizards, and resort to lowering Roger into the pit from their smaller ship while the creatures are asleep.

Roger wakes the creatures up after attempting to take more than Hondo's requested three orbs, and Rowan then discovers that the golden objects are Varactyl eggs.

The group then return and confront Hondo over his dirty deal, and Maz then kicks Hondo out before gifting the Freemakers with a needed piece for their ship and another Kyber Saber Crystal.

She then advises Rowan that, when things become desperate, he should seek out the Maker of Zoh. The Freemakers continue to search for the Kyber Saber Crystals while being pursued by Naare, and lose one on a water planet before traveling to Naboo, where they discover one hidden in the Emperor Palpatine Museum.

Sneaking Roger into the museum, they find that Durpin and Plumestriker are in charge of security. The contents of the museum prove distracting to the various members of the Freemaker family, and Rowan accidentally causes the Imperials to become aware of their presence.

He is able to bluff his way into getting the Imperials to leave, only for Naare and Dengar to arrive in search of the crystal that Rowan has found.

Roger and Dengar engage in a fire fight while Rowan battles Naare, only to find himself greatly out matched for his former master.

He manages to bring down the museum and recovers Naare's blue lightsaber after she steals back her red lightsaber and gets the crystal from him, and the Freemakers escape.

The Freemakers then learn that Naare has been using Roger to track them; Naare, learning of their discovery, is unconcerned, as the final crystal is known to be located on Hoth.

Realizing that Naare will be waiting for them on Hoth and has six of the seven Kyber Saber Crystals, the Freemakers ponder their next move after removing Roger's transmitter, which has been communicating to Naare since they contacted her from Tattooine.

Remembering Maz's counsel, Rowan suggests that they travel to Zoh in search of the Maker; despite Zoh turning out to be a supposedly uninhabited junk planet, the group decides to go there.

Upon arrival they find several cobbled together droids who attempt to drive them away only for them to be saved by the Maker, who is revealed to be Jek; Rowan then persuades him to teach him what he knows of building with the Force.

Jek's droid companions become fearful that the Freemakers will take Jek with them and scheme to turn Roger to their side and destroy the unwanted interlopers; however, Roger proves faithful to his "family" and reactivates his transmitter, which brings Naare and Graballa to Zoh in search of the Freemakers.

Jek confronts Naare while the Freemakers escape and is buried in junk; however, after the Freemakers and their enemies depart for Hoth, his hand is seen emerging from the pile as his droid friends rebuild.

The Freemakers fly to Hoth with Naare and Graballa's forces hot on their tails, but are able to land safely on the planet while Graballa's ship crashes.

Roger causes the Star Scavenger to sink after thawing out a frozen lake, while the Freemakers encounter a baby Wampa before finding the last Kyber Saber Crystal.

With their ship frozen the Freemakers are forced to enter Echo Base, where their old enemies Durpin and Plumestriker are now stationed, and Plumestriker inadvertently alerts Naare to the Freemakers' location while trying to capture them and secure promotions for himself and Durpin.

However, the Wampa's mother arrives just in time to see the Imperials firing at her cub, and chases them off while the Freemakers are left to prepare for Naare's imminent arrival.

Using their tools and Rowan's Force abilities, they repair some of the Rebel and Imperial technology left behind on the planet and fight against the arriving forces, unexpectedly freeing the Star Scavenger from the frozen lake in the process.

Kordi shoots down Naare only for her to cause an avalanche with her Force powers and capture them, only to be knocked down when Durpin and Plumestriker come running by with the Wampa still in hot pursuit.

Rowan briefly ponders surrendering to Naare in exchange for his family's safety, but instead tricks her with an ice crystal that melts when Naare attempts to form the Kyber Saber, enabling the Freemakers to escape with the real one.

However, Rowan then takes Roger and the family salvage pod and leaves in order to protect his older siblings from Naare's continued pursuit.

The youngest member of the Freemakers has secluded himself on an unknown planet with Roger, using the battle droid's recorded memories of Clone Wars Jedi to learn new lightsaber techniques.

Giving up on finding Rowan and resigning themselves to him finding them, Kordi and Zander decided to return to the Wheel only to be overheard by one of Graballa's spies, who informs the villains; they then ambush the pair on the wheel.

Naare subjects the pair to individually tailored tortures-ripping apart Zander's ships with the Force and destroying Kordi' credits-in order to lure in Rowan, who senses their pain and leaves the last crystal on the planet before flying to their rescue.

Arriving on the Wheel, he engages Naare in a full-on duel while the freed Kordi and Zander battle Graballa and his bounty hunters; though he performs well, Naare overpowers him and learns that Roger knows the location of the last crystal.

Removing the battle droid's head, she then double crosses Graballa before burying Rowan under a pile of ship parts and departing to recover the crystal; however, Rowan survives her assault and has an epiphany regarding what must be done to stop her.

It is Empire Day on Coruscant, and the Emperor sends Vader off to investigate Rebel activity before learning that Naare has almost claimed the last Kyber Saber Crystal; however, Naare has had enough of his belittling and, upon recreating the saber, claims it for herself and sets her sights on becoming Sith Empress.

Meanwhile, Rowan uses his Force abilities to rebuild the Star Scavenger before proposing a desperate plan to his siblings; the trio then make their way to Coruscant and attempt to sneak into the Emperor's palace through the planet's sewer system.

The Emperor desperately recalls Vader as Naare begins tearing her way through the Imperial fleet using the Kyber Saber, and he quickly determines to evacuate only to run into Rowan, who is disguised as him, and mistake him for a decoy.

Rowan then waits in the Emperor's throne room for Naare, while Roger-his head discarded by Naare-informs Kordi and Zander of Naare's plans to claim the Empire; Naare soon discovers Rowan's ruse.

The Emperor then attacks with a force of walkers and fighters only for Naare to dispatch them easily, who declares herself Empress and then drops a load of civilians off a ledge when they refuse to acknowledge her.

Rowan is then able to use his ability to call to the Kyber Saber Crystals to tear the saber apart and out of Naare's grasp, and reforms the Saber in order to face Naare in a final showdown.

After overcoming her, Rowan contemplates using its power to take revenge on her and is encouraged by the Emperor, but rejects the Sith Lord's offer and departs with his siblings and Roger's head.

Pursued by TIE Fighters, they deploy Zander's masterpiece, the Blazemaker , as a decoy while the Star Scavenger is reconfigured into a new form to enable it to slip past the planetary defenses.

The Freemakers escape while Naare is abducted and frozen in carbonite by a vengeful Graballa, and the Emperor has Rowan placed on his list of top enemies, after the leaders of the Rebellion.

Rowan then tosses the Kyber Saber into a volcanic crater to ensure that it will never fall into the wrong hands again, and are then invited to join the Rebellion by Admiral Ackbar.

After joining the Rebel Alliance, the Freemakers embark on a series of misadventures. Kordi's bartering skills earns them jobs as mechanics with the Rebellion.

Rowan and Roger soon encountered the Great Jedi Purge survivor Naare , who convinced Rowan to help her in the quest to find the pieces of the Kyber Saber, an ancient weapon that had been crafted from pure Kyber crystal by the Jedi Master Baird Kantoo.

Naare offered to train him in the ways of the Force as a Jedi. After saving Zander and Kordi from stormtroopers , Naare won the trust of the Freemakers.

In secret, she was a Sith agent who was working for Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader , the former wanting to harness the Kyber Saber's powers for himself.

Under Naare's guidance, Rowan trained as the Jedi. Kordi was concerned that Naare's quest would endanger her younger brother and quarrelled with Naare.

While the adults were arguing, Rowan sensed the second Kyber crystal in the Belgaroth asteroid field. Traveling with Roger aboard the StarScavenger , they managed to find the crystal.

However, Rowan was mistaken as a bounty hunter by the Iktotchi Baash and Raam who brought him to the Hutt crime lord Graballa.

Graballa took Rowan and Roger captive and attempted to use Rowan to lead him to the Kyber Saber crystals.

He wanted to use the crystals to bankroll a beach resort and buffet. Rowan and Roger managed to escape with the help of Naare, Zander, and Kordi.

Later, the Freemakers received a job from fellow Wheel resident Wick Cooper to service his vintage N-1 starfighter.

Knowing Zander's poor impulse control, Kordi instructed Rowan and Roger to hide the starfighter from him.

Despite their best efforts, Zander discovered the starfighter and took it for an unauthorized journey ride. Zander eventually stumbled into a dogfight between Imperial and Rebel starfighters and was captured by the Imperial Star destroyer Vendetta.

With the reluctant help of Naare, Kordi and Rowan mounted a rescue mission. During the mission, they encountered Darth Vader himself but managed to escape with Zander and the N-1 fighter.

However, the starfighter was badly damaged and the Freemakers earned the wrath of Cooper. After an unsuccessful Jedi training session with Naare, Rowan and Zander ventured into the Lower Ring to watch a podracing match.

Short on credits , Rowan accepted a job from the rebels Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca to obtain a "lost treasure" from Cloud City , which was under Imperial occupation.

Despite Kordi's instructions to Roger not to tell anyone, the droid accidentally exposed their whereabouts to Naare.

During the course of their quest, the Freemakers ran into trouble with the bounty hunters Dengar, Baash, and Raam, who were after Rowan because Graballa believed the boy could lead them to the Kyber Saber crystals.

Following a struggle, the Freemakers and Naare managed to rescue Rowan and restore Cloud City to its normal floating position. After returning to the Wheel, they discovered that Lando's "lost treasure" was his cape.

Lando paid them several gold bars. Low on funds again, Kordi accepted an errand from the Twi'lek captain Ignacio Wortan to fetch a piece of wroshyr wood from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.

For this mission, Rowan learnt Shyriiwook and Kordi fitted Roger with a translation chip. After a brief misunderstanding, Rowan managed to convince the Wookiee chief Attabura to give them the wroshyr wood in return for rescuing his son Tantarra from a Trandoshan fortress.

The Empire used the Trandoshans as proxies to subdue the Wookiees. The Freemakers managed to rescue Tantarra but Rowan also embarked on a quest to find the third Kyber Saber.

Despite accomplishing their quest and gaining the crystal, Kordi's plans to help pay the Freemakers' debts were ruined when she damaged the wroshyr-wood during a struggle with the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker.

As a result, Wortan called off his deal and the Freemakers were left trapped in debt. Later, the Freemakers came into contact with the Rebel siblings Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker , whose Y-wing starfighter had been damaged in a space dogfight.

Before they could repair the Y-wing, the Freemakers had to deal with an Imperial manhunt led by the Imperial officer Estoc.

While Kordi, Zander, and Leia led Estoc and her stormtroopers on a hide and seek race, Rowan, Roger, and Luke traveled to Felucia after Roger accidentally activated the ship's hyperdrive.

On Felucia, Luke taught Rowan to let the Force flow through him naturally. Rowan used his Force powers to distract an acklay that had stolen the StarScavenger ' s hyperdrive motivator.

Meanwhile, Kordi and Zander managed to trick the Imperials into thinking they had killed Leia and Luke by sending out their Y-wing as a decoy.

Having befriended the rebels, the Freemakers allowed them to buy a Z-wing at a discounted rate. After breaking out from their Cloud City prison, Dengar and his associates returned to Graballa and informed him about Rowan Freemaker.

The Freemakers managed to elude Graballa and his henchmen by participating in the 29th Annual Bricklayers' Classic race.

The Freemakers won the race but were forced to flee into the Dune Sea. They managed to hold out long enough at an abandoned sandcrawler until Naare arrived on her Eclipse Fighter to rescue them.

While hiding in the Eclipse Fighter , Rowan discovered her Sith lightsaber and a hologram message from Palpatine himself indicating that she was a Sith agent.

After learning about Naare's deception, Rowan and the Freemakers managed to escape the Freemaker Garage and fled to Takodana.

After damaging the pirate Hondo Ohnaka 's starship, the Freemakers agreed to carry out an errand to fetch three golden orbs from the Third moon of Takodana.

The Freemakers quickly discovered that the golden orbs were varactyl eggs. Instead of giving into the dark side , Rowan used the light side to communicate with the varactyls.

The Freemakers refused to steal the eggs and confronted Hondo with the help of Maz Kanata. Impressed by the Freemakers, Maz gave them a quantum regulator.

She also gave Rowan the fourth Kyber Saber crystal. Meanwhile, Naare joined forces with Graballa to hunt down the Freemakers. Undaunted, the Freemakers traveled to the ocean world of Ningoth where they convinced an opee sea killer to trade the fifth kyber crystal for a light bulb.

Despite their efforts, Naare stole the fifth crystal. She also had the first three crystals in her possession.

However, Naare and Dengar turned up and managed to obtain that crystal as well following a fierce skirmish that destroyed the Museum.

After escaping, the Freemakers discovered that Naare had been tracking them down using Roger's transmission pack.

Following Maz Kanata's advice, the Freemakers decided to seek out the enigmatic Maker of Zoh , who lived on the junkyard planet of Zoh.

There, they discovered that the Maker was none other than the former Sith clone Jek Jek was the leader of a community of droids that including the hostile N-3RO , who feared that the Freemakers would corrupt the Maker.

Rowan managed to convince Jek to train him in the ways of the Force. Meanwhile, N-3RO rallied the droids against the visitors and tried to turn Roger against his human masters.

N-3R0 then attacked the Freemakers and Jek and managed to capture them. Before he could execute them, Roger intervened and reaffirmed his loyalty to the Freemakers.

Roger then used his transmission pack to summon Naare and Graballa to Zoh. The Freemakers then traveled to the icy planet of Hoth , the location of the last Kyber Saber crystal.

They were pursued all the way by Naare and Graballa but managed to retrieve the crystal from a deep cave. With the StarScavenger frozen beneath an icy lake, the Freemakers sought shelter at the abandoned rebel Echo Base.

The disgraced Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker alerted Naare and Graballa to their presence.

Rowan then tricked Naare by offering an ice crystal in place of the real Kyber Saber. The Freemakers then fled aboard the StarScavenger.

In an attempt to protect his siblings, Rowan and Roger left in the Mini Scavenger with the last crystal.

On an uncharted world, Rowan trained in Jedi lightsaber techniques using the memories stored in Roger's memory banks.

Naare tortured Zander and Kordi by destroying several of their possessions in an effort to lure Rowan out of hiding.

Upon returning to the Freemaker Garage, Rowan engaged Naare in a lightsaber battle. The Freemakers also fought against Graballa and his henchmen.

Despite improving his lightsaber and Force powers, Naare discovered that Roger knew the location of the last crystal and stole the droid's head.

Despite this setback, Rowan realized that he was Freemaker foremost and came up with a plan to stop Naare.

Rowan's plan to stop Naare involved impersonating Emperor Palpatine and tricking Naare into handing the Kyber Saber to him. The Freemakers traveled to the galactic capital Coruscant and managed to infiltrate the Imperial Palace.

Meanwhile, Naare recovered the last Kyber Saber crystal and managed to reforged the weapon.

Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Disney+, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft verfügbar. Lego Star Wars - Die Abenteuer Der Freemaker - Staffel 1 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Lego Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker - Staffel 1 [2 DVDs] von unbekannt DVD bei bestellen. Episodenführer Season 5: Star Wars: Die Abenteuer der Freemaker – Die Freemaker befinden sich auf dem Regenwaldplaneten Nal Kapok, als sich Rowan.

Star Wars Freemaker Beschreibung

Ihre Article source wird bald veröffentlicht. Die Freemaker kennen endlich die Wahrheit über Naare. Der Ruf des Kristalls. Die Freemaker befinden sich auf dem Regenwaldplaneten Nal Kapok, als sich Rowan plötzlich von einer Höhle angezogen click here. Staffel 5, Folge 7 20 Min. Der Ausflug endet damit, dass er gefangen genommen und an Bord eines Sternenzerstörers gebracht wird.

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Everything New on Hulu in June. Roger however accidentally built himself into the astromech socket of Valeria's Y-wing. Rowan was unable to free Roger and the two found themselves reluctant passengers aboard Valeria's starfighter during the assault.

When Roger panicked during the dogfight, Rowan covered for him by feigning enthusiasm. As they approached the proton exhaust port, Roger fretted that he had not fixed the launch tube.

However, Rowan used his Force powers to dislodge the proton bomb into the exhaust port. This destroyed the station and Rowan likened it to the destruction of the Death Star.

After returning to the Home One , Rowan used his lightsaber to cut a hole through the floor of the Y-wing, allowing him and Roger to sneak out.

Kordi complimented her younger brother for having the Force with him. Rowan used the Force to help levitate a laser cannon into one of the Blazemaker's wings.

When Zander installed a magma cannon on top of his fighter, Rowan and Kordi opined that their older brother was doing it.

Their concerns were proven right when the Blazemaker II exploded during a space dogfight after the magma cannon malfunctioned.

Zander survived the explosion and admitted he went too far. Rowan reassured his brother he was still a hero to the Rebellion.

Rowan and his siblings attended a meeting with Admiral Ackbar. After learning that the rebel agents Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca were stranded and trapped behind an Imperial blockade, the Freemakers volunteered to rescue them and deliver a fuel intermixer for their ship, the Millennium Falcon.

As part of the plan, the Freemakers traveled to the Imperial blockade and allowed the StarScavenger to be boarded by an Imperial Gozanti -class cruiser.

Rowan and his siblings tried to mislead the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker into believing they had Gamorrean flu. However, Plumestriker saw through their ruse and ordered his stormtroopers to arrest the Freemakers and seize their cargo.

However, this played into the Freemakers' plan. In the brig, Rowan used his Force powers to reassemble Roger, who was hidden inside the cargo box.

Roger then knocked out the stormtrooper sentries and freed his family. While Zander and Roger went to restart the StarScavenger ' s engines, Rowan used his lightsaber to slice a hole in the Gozanti cruiser's panel.

After stealing the ship's fuel intermixer, the Freemakers fled aboard the StarScavenger. They then rendezvoused with Lando and Chewbacca on the planet.

After installing the fuel intermixer in the Falcon , the rebels returned in their ships to the Home One.

Back at their base, Lando praised the Freemakers for rescuing him again and thanked Admiral Ackbar for recruiting them. Rowan thanked the rebels for giving them a home.

However, Roger interrupted to inform them that he had left one of his legs aboard the Imperial cruiser and to ask if they could return.

Rowan helped his siblings test Valeria's A-wing. Before Rowan could talk with Skywalker, they were interrupted by an announcement that the Imperial Navy had found the Alliance fleet.

Rowan attempted to help as his siblings and the rebel crew prepared the starfighters for combat. The Alliance managed to escape after a squadron of B-wings broke through the Imperial TIE fighter formation, allowing the Rebel fleet to flee into hyperspace.

While Rowan was upset that his services were not needed, Kordi tried to cheer him up by telling him that he helped raise morale. With the Alliance short on spareparts, the Freemakers prepared to depart for a salvage run to Tibalt ; where a recent battle had taken place.

Quarrie, who was preoccupied with building a starship that could change the balance of the war, initially did not welcome the boy until Rowan invited him to accompany Freemaker Salvage and Repair on their expedition to Tibalt.

Rowan then noticed a shiny, new ship nearby. This ship turned out to be the Tracker I , the personal transport of the hunter droid M-OC who had been sent by the Emperor to capture Rowan.

M-OC captured Rowan with a grappling arm and imprisoned him in the ship's brig. M-OC then informed Rowan that he had been sent by the Emperor to capture him.

Rowan managed to use his lightsaber to cut himself free of the Tracker I and jumped into the StarScavenger ' s scoop. He managed to damage one of the ship's engines, causing the StarScavenger to crash.

M-OC then demanded that Rowan surrender but the young Jedi fought back with his lightsaber. M-OC managed to trap the boy under a net but Rowan freed himself with his lightsaber.

M-OC used his various gadgets including flamethrowers and rocket boosters to maneuver Rowan into the Tracker I. M-OC survived but was damaged.

The Freemakers then fled offworld. After returning to the Home One , Quarrie saw potential in Rowan as a shipbuilder and recruited him as his apprentice.

However, he warned him not to dawdle. Later that night, Rowan experienced a Force vision of himself building a starship powered by a Kyber crystal known as the Arrowhead.

Unable to properly describe his vision of the Arrowhead to Quarrie, Rowan agreed to accompany Quarrie to the city of Alistan Nor , an ancient city of great beauty where the greatest minds in the galaxy looked for inspiration.

Since Kordi was busy giving a presentation, she sent him to his older brother Zander. While Zander was preoccupied with repairing Lieutenant Valeria's starfighter, Rowan managed to get permission from Zander for him and Quarrie to hang out aboard the StarScavenger.

Rowan and Quarrie entered the StarScavenger with Roger. Despite colliding with several starships, Rowan managed to fly the StarScavenger out of Home One ' s hangar.

After traveling through hyperspace, Rowan and his companions approached Alistan Nor's planet, which was surrounded by three-rings.

Rowan managed to safely land the StarScavenger in the jungle-covered ruins of Alistan Nor. Rowan and his companions were pursued by a pack of gundarks but Rowan managed to use his Force powers to trap the predators inside an improvised cage consisting of columns.

Rowan and the others then traveled through a tunnel which led to the Tower of Alistan Nor. After entering the tower, Quarrie explained to Rowan about the history of the Force Builders , a Jedi offshoot that specialized in building beautiful architecture and starships.

After climbing to the top of the tower, Rowan experienced a Force vision of Alistan Nor at the height of its glory. He also saw the Arrowhead and found the inspiration to build the starship.

Shortly later, M-OC arrived aboard the Tracker-I and opened fire on Rowan and his companions, causing them to fall off the tower's ramparts.

Rowan managed to use the Force to save Quarrie and Roger from falling to the ground. Knowing that Rowan had trouble concentrating, M-OC then attacked Rowan with his new double-bladed spinning lightsaber and blasters.

M-OC also cut Rowan's vine but the boy managed to use his Force powers to cling to other vines. Despite dropping his lightsaber, Rowan managed to use the Force to collapse a balcony on top of M-OC.

Upon arriving back at the rebel flagship, Rowan was reprimanded by his older siblings for taking the StarScavenger on an errant adventure to Alistan Nor.

When he pointed out that they gave misleading instructions, Kordi and Zander acknowledged they were partly to blame.

After reconciling, Rowan managed to assembled a model of the Arrowhead in Quarrie's workshop. Though Quarrie pointed out that the Arrowhead needed several items including embersteel blades, a fusion conduit, suspension housing, an energy matrix activator, and a bantha -sized kyber crystal, Rowan was undaunted in his determination to save the galaxy.

While working on the Arrowhead , Rowan and Quarrie realized that they needed an embersteel blade. After Kordi learned that the Galactic Empire was auctioning off various starships on Mygeeto including a Theta -class H-2 executive star shuttle with embersteel wings, she managed to secure the Freemakers a 75, credit loan from the Alliance leadership to purchase the shuttle.

For the mission , Kordi disguised herself as the Clawdite princess Alo Kortessi while Rowan and Zander disguised herself as her servants.

Kordi managed to use her persuasive and acting skills to convince the stormtrooper sentries to let the Freemakers into the Mygeeto Auction House.

Kordi's plan encountered a stumbling block when a Cerean auctioneer informed them that the nobles left the bidding to their servants.

Rowan accompanied Zander into the bidding floor. Zander was mesmerized by the sight of an Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor. Despite Rowan and Kordi's objections, their impulsive older brother bidded for the ship, believing that it was only worth 65 credits.

However, the ship was worth 65, credits, leaving the Freemakers 55, credits short. Zander tried to convince the auctioneer that it was a mistake but he was unmoved.

Rowan and Zander had to deal with a furious and frustrated Kordi. The Freemakers' troubles were further complicated when one of Graballa's minions Raam accidentally bidded for the Theta -class shuttle.

Posing as "Princess Kortessi", Kordi tried to trade the Jedi light interceptor for the shuttle.

However, Graballa decided to kidnap the "princess" in order to extort a ransom from the Clawdite royal family.

Rowan and Zander took part in a dogfight with Graballa's starfighters, which were led by Dengar. Following a dogfight, Rowan and Zander managed to land their ships in the Rancor's Fist ' s hangar bay.

Before they could leave with Kordi, Dengar crashlanded his starfighter into Zander's ship. After defeating Dengar, the Freemakers escaped in their starships and returned to the Home One.

Back at the Home One , Rowan watched while Zander and Kordi installed the frontal cannons and the embersteel blade onto the Arrowhead.

While working with Quarrie on a model of the Arrowhead , Rowan learned that they needed a proton suspension housing to hold the ship's giant kyber crystal in place.

When Quarrie mentioned that the Corellian Defender was the only starship that could carry such a large proton suspension housing, Rowan proposed visiting Takodana Castle on Takodana to seek her help.

Rowan also accidentally burned through a set of chains with his welder, causing several objects to fall and Roger to collide with a generator.

Rowan apologized for the mess and led Roger into a recharge chamber aboard the StarScavenger to recuperate.

After Admiral Ackbar assigned Zander and Kordi on a mission to rescue Major Bren Derlin near the planet Taul 's asteroid field , Rowan decided to come along for a ride.

He managed to convince Zander and a reluctant Kordi to travel to Takodana first in order speak with Maz Kanata.

While at Maz Kanata's castle, Rowan and his siblings encountered the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka , who offered to help them obtain a Corellian Defender on Taul in return for getting passage off Takodana.

The Freemakers then helped Hondo to escape from the bounty hunter Awan Zek and his Rodian associates. During the brief skirmish, Rowan used his Force powers to delay Zek and his comrades.

While Kordi distrusted Hondo, Rowan and Zander thought the pirate could help them obtain the proton suspension housing.

Upon entering Taul's atmosphere, the Freemakers learned that Taul was an acidic world with violent storms, acid pools, and falling debris.

After braving the harsh environment, Rowan and his siblings managed to find a wrecked Corellian Defender resting on top of an acid lake.

Rowan tried to lift the Corellian Defender out of the lake but the ship was too badly damaged. As a result, Kordi brought the Mini Scavenger.

While Zander operated the vehicle, Rowan used a crane to descend into the Defender and retrieve the proton suspension housing.

Despite the corroded state of the ship, Rowan managed to retrieve the starship part before the rest of the ship collapsed into the acidic lake.

The Freemakers then tried to resume their mission to rescue Bren only to discover that Hondo had stolen the StarScavenger.

M-OC ordered Rowan to surrender but was crushed by a falling rock. The Freemakers then retreated before M-OC could regenerate. As the pursuit continued, Rowan tried to fight back with his lightsaber but was driven back by M-OC's double-bladed spinning lightsabers and flamethrowers.

The Freemakers managed to cross an acidic lake and Rowan used his lightsaber to cut off the bridge.

M-OC then hovered over the lake with his rocket boosters. Rowan managed to disable the rocket boosters with his lightsaber but M-OC activated his mechanical spider legs.

Rowan then hurled a metal pole near M-OC. The metal pole was then struck by lightning, electrocuting the hunter droid. Following the adventure, Rowan apologized to his siblings for getting them sidetracked.

Shortly later, the Freemakers were rescued by Roger, who had overpowered Hondo and locked him in a sealed box.

The Freemakers then rescue Bren Derlin from his escape pod. Before returning to the Home One , Rowan convinced his siblings to make a special trip to Takodana where Roger handed Hondo in a sealed box to Awan Zek and his associates.

While assembling the Arrowhead , Rowan realized that the ship needed an energy matrix activator.

Quarrie regarded energy matrix activators as rare until Zander revealed that the Freemakers had one aboard their former garage in the Wheel.

The Freemakers and Roger traveled to the Wheel. Kordi came up with a plan for the Freemakers to infiltrate their former home and garage while Roger hacked into the guidance system in order to guide them.

With Roger's help, they managed to board a turbolift to the Middle Ring. To avoid a stormtrooper patrol, they infiltrated the Freemaker garage through the ventilation shafts.

However, their plan to infiltrate the garage was derailed when Roger was accosted by a pack of Ranats , who wanted to steal his datapad.

Despite triggering the alarms, the Freemakers managed to convince Furlac to let them inside by posing as staff from the "Midnight Cafeteria Services" in order to repair a Kaminoan coffee machine.

Rowan and his siblings managed to retrieve the energy matrix activator but were captured by Graballa and his bounty hunters Dengar, Zuckuss , 4-LOM , Bossk , and IG Graballa alerted Darth Vader, seeking to collect an Imperial bounty on Rowan.

However, the Freemakers managed to escape their captors after Kordi instigated a fight between the droid and organic bounty hunters.

The Freemakers fled on a speeder bike into the Wheel's market place at the advice of Rowan. After losing their bounty hunter pursuers, Rowan convinced his siblings to steal stormtrooper armor from a local Imperial depot.

They then infiltrated the Freemaker garage where they managed to recover the energy matrix activator.

However, their escape plan was complicated when Lord Vader summoned the three to accompany him to the Upper Ring.

Fortunately for the Freemakers, Roger had managed to fight off the Ranat and used the datapad to open a trapdoor, which brought the Freemakers back into the service shaft.

After escaping the Wheel, Rowan told his siblings that their next task was to obtain a large kyber crystal to power the Arrowhead.

After his sister Kordi obtained a list of planets with kyber crystals, Rowan and his siblings traveled to the planet Qalydon.

They encountered a Lurmen village whose inhabitants used kyber crystals to connect with the Force. Though the villagers were initially hostile, they welcomed the Freemakers as guests after Kordi convinced them that they were not connected with the Empire.

That night, Rowan befriended Chief Biz 's daughter Maynar who did not share her father's belief in the crystals and the Force, regarding them as superstition.

Rowan tried to convince her that the Force was real but Maynar said that he sounded like her father. Maynar also expressed boredom with her family's quiet life on Qalydon.

When Imperial forces under Durpin and Plumestrike raided the village and confiscated several kyber crystals for the second Death Star , Rowan and Maynar snuck back into the StarScavenger and used the ship's cannons to drive the Imperials away.

Though the Imperials managed to escape aboard their Gozanti -class cruiser , Rowan managed to shoot down its rear stabilizer and hyperdrive, causing it to crash in the mountains.

With the Lurmen villagers devastated over the loss of their crystals, Rowan and his siblings embarked on a mission to recover the crystals.

Rowan snuck aboard a tug while Kordi and Zander posed as Imperial technicians. Rowan infiltrated the damaged cruiser and managed to recover the crystals.

However, he was surprised to find that Maynar had also stowed aboard. The recovery mission was complicated by the arrival of M-OC, who had learnt about their location due to Roger's botched attempt to replace a stolen Imperial document.

Rowan duelled with M-OC, who took Maynar hostage. Rowan fought with M-OC but was unable to defeat the droid, who was able to repair himself.

Rowan instead used his Force building powers to entomb M-OC in wreckage and debris. However, Durpin and Plumestriker managed to steal back the crystals and fled aboard their Gozanti -class cruiser.

Rowan was able to use the Force to track down the stolen crystals to the Marriten system. There, Rowan recovered the crystals at lightsaber point from the Imperial officers.

The Freemakers returned the crystals to the Lurmen villagers, who were delighted to be reunited with their relics. Maynar also gained a better appreciation of the Force and the crystals.

Biz offered the crystals to the Freemakers but Rowan declined because he realized how important the crystals were to the Lurmen. After departing Qalydon, Rowan tried to mediate in order to find a world with kyber crystals.

Despite his siblings' efforts to maintain silence and Roger's efforts to generate noise, Rowan was unable to concentrate until he could sense the tension within the cockpit.

Rowan managed to home in on a planet twelve parsecs away from the planet Terminus. Exiting hyperspace, they crash-landed on the "crystal planet", which was covered with kyber crystals.

While Zander and Roger stayed behind to repair the StarScavenger , Rowan and his sister Kordi went to search for a large kyber crystal. They soon found the StarScavenger ' s stabilizing fin outside a cave which led to a large underground temple.

Rowan and Kordi entered a cave full of murals and writings but were unable to find a set of stairs to reach the top.

After spotting an inscription saying that "the key to unlocking the mysteries before you is to turn to the Force," Rowan used the Force to levitate the floor to the next level.

He and Kordi reached a chamber with a hole in the ceiling. After reading the inscription "that the Force builds and lifts us all," Rowan attempted to build a set of stairs from the debris but failed.

After re-reading the inscription, he used the Force to assemble a platform so that he and Kordi could reach a summit.

There, they encountered a pinnacle which Rowan believed contained the crystal at the top. Rowan used the Force to levitate three stony treads systematically in order to reach the top of the pinnacle.

There he encountered a holocron of Master Baird Kantoo. The holocron told him that the kyber crystals that he needed lay in the pit below but warned him about their dangerous power, pointing at the moon which had been shattered by the Kyber Saber above.

Returning to the summit below, Rowan told Kordi about his fear that the kyber crystal was a dangerous weapon that could cause great harm.

Kordi counseled Rowan that doing nothing would allow the Emperor to devastate the galaxy. With Kordi's encouragement, Rowan used his Force powers to forge a giant kyber crystal out of the smaller crystals in the pit.

The siblings then returned to the StarScavenger with the giant crystal and the missing stabilizer fin. After picking up Roger, they returned to the rebel fleet.

The Freemakers returned to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack from the Empire. They managed to land back in the Home One with the giant kyber crystal.

However, Quarrie told them that it was too dangerous to assemble the Arrowhead aboard the Home One due to the battle.

After braving through the space battle, the Freemakers and their rebel allies traveled to the desert planet Jakku in order to finish their work on the Arrowhead.

Valeria landed the Arrowhead on quick sand, which caused the starship to sink underground. To complicate matters, the Arrowhead exploded, scattering its debris across the desert.

Though the Freemakers and their allies managed to recover the spareparts, the energy matrix activator fell into the hands of the Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who had been reassigned to Jakku on punishment duty.

Zander and Roger attempted to recover the energy matrix activator but were captured by Durpin and Plumestriker. Later that night, Kordi disguised herself as Darth Vader and attempted to retrieve the matrix activator from Durpin and Plumestriker.

Though, the Imperials were not fooled by her disguise, Kordi managed to distract them long enough for Valeria to knock them out. Meanwhile, Rowan and Quarrie worked together to rebuild the Arrowhead.

Though they had almost finished rebuilding the ship by the time their friends arrived, they still needed to install the energy matrix activator and the kyber crystal.

Zander and Quarrie managed to hold off the Imperials long enough for Rowan and Quarrie to finish assembling the Arrowhead.

Returning to the rebel fleet, Rowan accompanied Zander aboard the Arrowhead. The Arrowhead helped turn the tide of the battle by destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer, sending the Imperials into retreat.

Due to their role in saving the rebel fleet, the Freemakers were welcomed back as heroes. Rowan was promoted to Master Ship Builder while Zander was promoted to flight cadet and Kordi to Ackbar's new quartermaster.

After saving the rebel fleet, Rowan and his siblings Zander and Kordi flew the Arrowhead in support of rebel and Wookiee forces on Kashyyyk.

The Freemakers returned to the Home One where they received a heroes' welcome. Bored, he built an Ugly but Quarrie opined that the ship lacked purpose.

Having gotten used to unending adventures as a result of the quest to build the Arrowhead , Rowan grew bored and wished he could fight M-OC.

Despite Roger's objections, Rowan traveled to Qalydon with Roger. While Roger subdued the guards, Rowan ventured inside only to discover that "Maynar" was a holographic projection generated by M-OC.

Rowan tried to fight M-OC but proved no match for the hunter droid, who had learned about his combat moves from their previous encounters.

Unable to flee the base, Rowan fled into a storeroom where he tried to ambush M-OC. Vader captured Rowan and took him aboard a Lambda -class shuttle to Coruscant.

There, Rowan informed the Emperor that he had destroyed the Kyber Saber. While the Emperor was enraged, Lord Vader managed to convince him that they could use Rowan to find more kyber crystals for the second Death Star.

The Emperor tried to win Rowan over to the dark side by showing him a hologram presentation of his life as a Senator who became Emperor.

However, Rowan was bored. The Emperor then allowed Vader to use an invasive mind probe to discover the location of Jedi Master Baird Kantoo's crystal planet.

A pleased Vader contacted Graballa and tasked him with procuring more kyber crystals from the planet. Believing that Rowan had outlived his usefulness, the Emperor ordered that Rowan be executed.

However, Rowan was rescued by his brother Zander and sister Kordi, who had infiltrated the Imperial Palace during their raid on Coruscant.

They met with Roger, who was flying the Arrowhead at the top spire of the Imperial Palace. M-OC attacked them with the Arrowhead , causing the Freemakers to fall down the battlements.

Rowan used the Force to cushion his and his siblings' blow. He then used his Force powers to build an Ugly , which the Freemakers used to escape Coruscant.

However, the four of them were pursued by M-OC in the Arrowhead , who was determined to destroy the Freemakers once and for all.

M-OC soon caught up with the Freemakers in the Coruscant system. Before he could finish them off, Quarrie arrived in the StarScavenger and rescued them.

Braving the dangerous atmospheric conditions above Shantipole, the Freemakers managed to land the StarScavenger at Quarrie's base.

However, Rowan and the others knew that the relentless M-OC was waiting for them above. Following a brief skirmish, Quarrie managed to use the tractor beam projector to drag the Arrowhead and M-OC down into Shantipole's stormy atmosphere.

The Freemakers travel to Taul. After enduring much danger, they managed to obtain the proton suspension housing.

However, Hondo stole the StarScavenger. The Freemakers were then attacked by M-OC but managed to fight him off long enough for Roger to overpower Hondo and rescue them.

Seeking an energy matrix activator for the Arrowhead , the Freemakers traveled to their former home aboard the Wheel.

While Roger stayed in the Lower Ring to slice into the guidance systems and guide them, the siblings discovered that their former garage had been transformed by Wick Cooper into a cantina.

Roger was attacked by a group of Ranats , who wanted to steal his datapad. The Freemakers managed to escape after Kordi instigated a fight between the organic and droid bounty hunters.

Following a speeder bike chase, the Freemakers managed to steal the energy matrix activator while Graballa was dealing with Lord Vader.

The Freemakers tried to return to their ship on a turbolift but Lord Vader requisitioned it. Meanwhile, Roger escaped the Ranats and used a trapdoor to help the Freemakers escape back to the Rebel Alliance.

Seeking a giant kyber crystal, the Freemakers traveled to the planet Qalydon , which was home to a Lurmen village.

The Lurmen owned kyber crystal necklaces which they used to worship the Force. They befriended the locals including Chief Biz , his wife Elan , and their daughter Maynar.

However, the village was raided by Imperial officers Durpin and Plumestriker, who stole their kyber crystals. While Roger stayed behind to help the villagers rebuild their village, the Freemakers undertook a mission to recover the crystals.

Their mission was complicated by the arrival of the Imperial hunter droid M-OC. Though Durpin and Plumestriker managed to escape with the crystals on their Gozanti -class cruiser , Rowan managed to track down the crystals with the Force and recover them.

The Freemakers then returned the crystals to the Lurmen. Following a crash-landing, Zander and Roger stayed behind to repair the StarScavenger but were harried by mynocks.

Zander managed to repair the ship by getting Roger to distract the mynocks with a jetpack. Meanwhile, Rowan and Kordi explored a nearby Jedi Temple.

After a series of trials which involved building objects to go deeper into the temple, Rowan encountered a holocron of Master Kantoo which told him that he had to build the kyber crystal.

Rowan used the Force to build a giant kyber crystal. He and Kordi then rejoined the others with the kyber crystal and the StarScavenger ' s steering vane.

Having obtained all the parts to build the Arrowhead , the Freemakers to the rebel fleet only to find it under attack form Imperial forces.

Due to the volatile nature of the kyber crystals, Quarrie was unwilling to finish assembling the Arrowhead aboard the Home One. Accompanied by Valeria and Quarrie, the Freemakers traveled to the barren planet of Jakku to assemble the Arrowhead.

However, the Freemakers encountered a major obstacle when Valeria landed the Arrowhead in quick sand, causing it to explode. Another problem emerged when the energy matrix activator fell into the hands of Durpin and Plumestriker, who wanted to capture Rowan in order to regain the Empire's favor.

Zander and Roger tried to retake the missing energy matrix activator but were captured by the Imperial officers. While Rowan and Quarrie rebuilt the rest of the Arrowhead , Kordi and Valeria managed to recover the activator and rescue Zander and Roger.

After Zander used the Arrowhead to destroy Durpin and Plumestriker's walker, the Freemakers returned back to the rebel fleet aboard the StarScavenger and Arrowhead.

Zander and Rowan managed to force the Imperial fleet into a retreat by destroying a Star Destroyer with the Arrowhead.

For their efforts, Zander was promoted to flight cadet , Kordi became Admiral Ackbar's new quartermaster, and Rowan was promoted to Master Ship Builder.

The Freemakers used the Arrowhead to help the Rebel cause by aiding Lieutenant Valeria's rebel and Wookiee forces on Kashyyyk against several Imperial walkers.

M-OC lured Rowan into a trap on the planet Qalydon. However, the Alliance leadership was preoccupied with preparing for the assault on the second Death Star.

Determined to save their little brother, the Freemakers stole the Arrowhead and attacked Imperial forces above Coruscant, inflicting considerable damage on Imperial forces.

Meanwhile, Lord Vader delivered Rowan to the Emperor. While the Emperor was displeased to learn that Rowan had destroyed the Kyber Saber , Vader managed to probe Rowan's mind for the location of a planet rich in kyber crystals for the Empire's second Death Star.

The Emperor ordered Rowan's execution, believing that he had outlived his usefulness. However, M-OC survived the collision and hijacked the Arrowhead.

He attacked the Freemakers but the four managed to escaped offworld on an " Ugly " that Rowan had built. Seeking to eliminate the Freemakers for good, the Emperor sent M-OC to hunt them down and eliminate them.

They tried to surrender but M-OC was determined to destroy them. At the behest of Quarrie, the Freemakers traveled on the StarScavenger to the stormy planet of Shantipole , which was home to Quarrie's base.

Though they manage to lose M-OC in the storms, the relentless hunter droid circled Shantipole, determined to hunt down and destroy the Freemakers.

The Freemakers and Quarrie joined forces to attach a tractor beam projector to the StarScavenger. The Freemakers and Quarrie then lured M-OC and the Arrowhead into Shantipole's stormy upper atmosphere, using the tractor beam projector to drag him down.

The two ships were then caught in an electrical storm, which drained their ship's power. Despite losing the tractor beam projector, the Freemakers had a back-up plan that involved Roger dropping Rowan onto the Arrowhead ' s hull.

Rowan attempted to remove the ship's giant kyber crystal but was attacked by M-OC, who engaged him in a lightsaber duel. Rowan managed to remove the crystal from the Arrowhead and was picked up by Roger on the Mini Scavenger.

The two ships were destroyed but M-OC survived the explosion. M-OC confronted Rowan but Rowan managed to convince the droid to end his hunt for the Freemakers by claiming that it was pointless and that his programming was flawed.

While this worked, M-OC came to believe that the Emperor's plan to destroy the rebels with the second Death Star was flawed.

Rowan used his Force powers to rebuild the StarScavenger , incorporating elements of the Arrowhead. After escaping Shantipole's stormy atmosphere, the Freemakers traveled to rendezvous with the rebel fleet at Sullust only to find that the fleet had already departed for Endor.

They attempted to warn Valeria that the Rebel fleet was facing a fully operational second Death Star but their message did not get through due to static.

With the help of Roger, Rowan managed to use the Force to retrieve the lightsaber. After crashing into a hangar, the Freemakers and Quarrie fought with stormtroopers but were taken prisoner after a stormtrooper managed to stun Rowan.

Though the Freemakers and Quarrie were captured by the Empire, they were freed by Zander's love interest Becky Smoochenbacher , who had joined the Empire but defected after seeing Zander and his family.

After escaping the detention block, the Freemakers learnt from Valeria that General Han Solo 's strike team had disabled the Death Star's shield generator.

Despite the danger, Rowan was still determined to defeat M-OC. His family wanted to come along but Rowan used the Force to shove them and Quarrie into a turbolift.

Unable to beat M-OC, who was protected by the giant kyber crystal, Rowan used the Force to summon the kyber crystals to him. M-OC then attacked Rowan with all his weapons including rocket launchers, and missiles.

M-OC managed to use a hologram to distract Rowan and subdue him. Before he could kill Rowan, the hunter droid was distracted by the sight of the Emperor falling to his death.

On the way, they encountered three stormtroopers, who pursued them. However, Kordi managed to shake them off by causing them to fall off a bridge into the depths of the Death Star.

After boarding their ship, they rescued Rowan before rebel starfighters arrived and destroyed the second Death Star's reactor core, setting off a chain reaction that destroyed the battle station.

Roger also befriended an Ewok child who followed him aboard the StarScavenger despite Roger's repeated attempts to tell him to stay behind.

Years later, after Roger had joined the Resistance , he took it as a lesson of persistence. During the battle, the Freemakers came to the aid of Lieutenant Valeria after her T airspeeder was shot down.

After repairing Valeria's speeder, the three departed on their ship StarScavenger. Years later, Roger recounted the adventures of the Freemaker family to Moxie.

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LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures - Season 1 Episode 1 - A Hero Discovered Naare then confronted Rowan but the Freemakers managed to flee into a cave when Durpin, Wueen, and the pursuing wampas ran over. Hidden categories: Pages using infobox television with very fack ju gГ¶hte 3 ganzer film deutsch kostenlos are empty parameters. After evading the Imperial blockade above Kashyyyk, the Freemakers managed to land on the planet. While searching for kyber crystals to incorporate into the Arrowhead 's shield generator, the Freemakers visit a Lurmen village on the planet Qalydon. As a result, he and Here were go here to ride along with Lieutenant Valeria click to see more the strike mission. Despite Roger's objections, Rowan traveled to Qalydon with Roger. The Freemakers befriended Naare and brought her back to the Https:// After Zander's escape, Kordi reprimanded Rowan for not doing here to restrain their older brother. They briefly convince him they are his cleaning crew, but stormtroopers are alerted, sending the girls back on the run. Rowan was brave and had a strong moral compass. Start Your Free Trial. He mistook Rowan for a decoy and allowed him to see more the throne room. Rowan and his family operated a starship called the StarScavengerwhich they used for their work and travels. On the way, they encountered three school of, who streamserien. Edit Details Official Sites: Official site. Eine Mission, wertvolles Holz zu bergen, führt click to see more Freemakers nach Kashyyykwo sie sich auf eine Vereinbarung mit Chief Attiburra einlassen. Juli see more Uhr bearbeitet. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Der Test. Überprüfen Sie die Systemanforderungen. Lando Calrissian beauftragt super lovers Freemaker, eine kostbare Fracht aus der imperial bewachten Cloud City heranzuschaffen. Audio Deutsch. Jagd nach den Kyberschwert-Kristallen. Die Minen von Graballa. Die Freemaker sind Geschwister und Schrottsammler die eine Click und Reparaturwerkstadt auf einer Weltraumstation in einem fernen Winkel des Imperiums betreiben. Jetzt ansehen. In Gefahr auf Kashyyyk. Bei dem explosiven, finalen Kampf um das Kyberschwert geburtstag 1ter Rowan, Naare und der Imperator gegeneinander an.

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