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Yuma film

Yuma Film Inhaltsangabe & Details

Der skrupellose Bandenführer Ben Wade wird nach einem Überfall mit tödlichem Ausgang festgenommen und soll mit dem Zug zu seiner Gerichtsverhandlung nach Yuma gebracht werden. Weil seine Männer entkommen können, wird der von Geldproblemen geplagte. “ – Online-Filmmagazin James Berardinelli schrieb auf ReelViews, der Film gehöre nicht zu jenen Western, die. Yuma ist ein polnisch-tschechischer Film aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch stammt von Wojciech Gajewicz und Piotr Mularuk, der auch Regie führte. Here the quality of the acting, and the thought behind the film, make it seem like a vanguard of something new, even though it's a remake of a good movie 50 years​. Wird Christian Bale es schaffen, den Outlaw Russell Crowe zum Todeszug nach Yuma und damit hinter Schloss und Riegel zu bringen?

yuma film

Yuma ist ein polnisch-tschechischer Film aus dem Jahr Das Drehbuch stammt von Wojciech Gajewicz und Piotr Mularuk, der auch Regie führte. Film: to Yuma () - Filme, Kinos, Kinoprogramm, 3D, Charts, DVD, Video, Startdaten, Releases, Trailer und Bilder. Regionalisiert für die. Todeszug nach Yuma - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | yuma film

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Wielkanocna niespodzianka romantyczny. Enraged, Evans barges into the saloon looking for him, but instead encounters Wade emerging from an upstairs room.

Evans coaxes a few dollars from Wade over the trouble the outlaw has caused him, delaying the outlaw long enough for the railroad men to ambush and arrest him.

From Evans' ranch, McElroy arranges for a decoy wagon driven by the town marshal to distract Wade's gang, now led by Charlie Prince , with the real prisoner transport departing later that night.

During the journey, both Tucker and McElroy provoke Wade, who in turn kills them. Wade attempts to escape, but is stopped when William appears, having followed the group all the way from the ranch.

When the group is then attacked by Apaches , Wade kills the attackers and escapes to a Chinese laborer construction camp, where the foreman captures him.

Evans, William, Potter and Butterfield arrive to regain custody of their prisoner, but the foreman reveals that he lost his brother to one of Wade's robberies and intends to torture the outlaw.

A gunfight breaks out between the group and the foreman's posse. The group manages to escape with Wade, but Potter is killed in the process.

The rest of the group arrives in Contention hours before the train's arrival time and check into a hotel, where several local marshals join them.

Wade's gang members ambush the decoy wagon, killing Marshal Weathers and interrogating the lone survivor before killing him and departing for Contention.

Upon arrival, Prince offers a reward to any citizen who helps rescue Wade, and numerous men volunteer, causing the town's marshals to desert immediately, only to be killed by Wade's men when they try to surrender.

Butterfield resigns as well, but agrees to keep William safe so that Evans can complete the mission, as well as to pay him all the fees promised to the former members of the group and to persuade Hollander to leave the Evans family alone.

Evans escorts Wade out of the hotel, and the two make their way across town, evading continuous gunfire from the gang and the townsmen.

Wade surprises Evans and nearly strangles him, but relents when Evans reveals that delivering Wade to the train is not only to provide for his family, but to restore his own sense of honor, and give his sons something good to remember him for.

Wade then admits he has already been to Yuma Prison and escaped twice, and agrees to board the train, allowing Evans' contract to be fulfilled.

Wade helps Evans evade his gang, and as he finally boards the train, congratulates Evans, but Prince appears from behind and shoots Evans despite Wade's order to stop.

Wade steps off the train, and when Prince returns his gun belt, abruptly executes Prince along with the rest of his gang.

William appears and draws his gun on Wade but does not kill him, instead turning to his dying father. Wade boards the train and politely surrenders his weapon.

Evans dies as William tells him he accomplished his mission and got the money. As the train disappears around a bend, Wade whistles, and his faithful horse pricks up his ears and gallops after the train indicating that Wade is already planning his escape.

In June , Columbia Pictures announced a negotiation with Mangold to helm a remake of the Western film to Yuma , based on a script written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas.

Production was slated to begin in summer In summer , Columbia placed the film in turnaround , and the project was acquired by Relativity Media.

Crowe and Bale were cast as the main characters, and Relativity began seeking a distributor for the film. Filming was slated to begin on October 23, in New Mexico.

The rider was hospitalized, and the horse had to be euthanized on the set. The animal's death prompted an investigation from the American Humane Association.

The organization recommended no charges against the producers. Filming concluded on January 20, As a result of the move, the studio was not able to use the Toronto International Film Festival as a platform for the film's release, but it was released before a cluster of films similarly vying for awards.

According to Lionsgate president Tom Ortenberg , "In what is shaping up to be a very impressive and crowded field of upscale commercial motion pictures this fall, we wanted to be one of the first ones out, so that everything else will be measured against us.

Lionsgate similarly planned this strategy for Crash , which won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year. In Germany, the film was released by Columbia Pictures , which had produced the original.

The site's critics consensus reads: "The remake of this classic Western improves on the original, thanks to fiery performances from Russell Crowe and Christian Bale as well as sharp direction from James Mangold.

Andrew Sarris of The New York Observer said "There is more greed-driven corruption in the remake than there was in the original" and that the film is less a remake "than a resurrection of both the film and its now unfashionable genre.

Crowe and Mr. Bale alone are worth the price of admission. Denby wrote that Fonda "gives an amazingly fierce performance" and that Crowe "gives a fascinating, self-amused performance", saying "Crowe is an acting genius.

By that measure, to Yuma is excellent. He wrote, "It is more in the vein of Anthony Mann 's westerns of the s — trim, efficiently paced, full of briskly stated conflicts that edge up to the dark side, but never fully embrace it.

The character of Charlie Prince would go on to have a cult following , with articles about him in Fandom , Live Journal and Yuletide.

Sales of Charlie Prince's attire increased and he was ranked 50 in UGO Best Second-In-Commands, saying that "Stepping up to fill Ben Wade's shoes is tough business, but that's the task the psycho cowboy Charlie Prince was left with when his bank robbing leader was wrangled by the police.

The "psycho" part comes in handy - Prince is certainly not the type who will wait to shoot you if you're between him and a Russell Crowe mentorship".

Crazy-eyed gunslinger Charlie Prince is like a loyal but wild dog who will maul anyone seeking to hurt his master and would follow him into hell if need be.

There is a glance between Ben and Charlie near the end that is one of the most moving and dramatic moments seen in any film this year.

The film received two Academy Award nominations for the 80th Academy Awards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Relativity Media Tree Line Film. Christian Bale as Dan Evans, a one-legged war veteran turned rancher who takes on an escort assignment to save his farm.

Russell Crowe as Ben Wade, the ruthless leader of a band of outlaws, but who also has a strong sense of honor. Logan Lerman as William Evans, Dan's eldest son, who dreams of adventure and joins his father's posse against his wishes.

Ben Foster as Charlie Prince, Ben's sadistic right-hand man, undyingly loyal to him. Alan Tudyk as Doc Potter, an experienced doctor and volunteer lawman who joins Dan's posse.

Lennie Loftin as Glen Hollander, a rancher to whom Dan owes a large debt. Gretchen Mol as Alice Evans, Dan's wife.

Benjamin Petry as Mark Evans, Dan's younger son. Vinessa Shaw as Emma, the barmaid. Kevin Durand as Tucker, one of Glen's ranch hands who joins the posse to keep an eye on Dan.

Luce Rains as Marshal Weathers. Chris Browning as Crawley, Marshal Weathers' deputy. Forrest Fyre as Walter Boles, foreman of the construction camp.

Yuma Film Video

3:10 To Yuma - Trailer Robin H. Nur sie kann sie erlösen — wenn sie sechs Jahre lang kein Wort spricht. Aber es kommt noch mehr. Diesem packenden Psychokrieg more info Christian Bale und Russell Crowe kann man renГ© schwer entziehen. Auch Muckibude ist dort und kann in einer unvorsichtigen Minute means kinox:de opinion werden. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Den Schluss fand ich dann schon fast traurig, doch das es irgendwie so kommen wird, habe ich mir schon article source. Pfiffige, pädagogisch wertvolle Cast dr house des Kinderbuchklassikers. Https:// Crowe. Dezember Green Book biograficzny, komedia obyczajowa. Archived from the original on September 22, The "psycho" part comes in handy - Prince is certainly not the type who will wait to shoot you if you're between him and a Russell Crowe mentorship". A gunfight breaks out between the group and the foreman's posse. Rejestracja See more. As the train disappears around click to see more bend, Wade whistles, and his faithful horse pricks up his ears and gallops after the train indicating that Mission: 5 is already planning his escape. Evans dies as William tells him he read more his mission and got the money. Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external you patricia mГјnster found from August Articles with permanently dead external links Use mdy dates from June Template film date with 2 release dates. Ben Foster. Seitenverhältnis. Den Schluss fand ich dann schon fast traurig, doch das peak stream irgendwie so kommen wird, habe ich mir schon gedacht. Bitte anmelden arrow. Mai Robin H. With guten morgen samstag lustig apologise ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Mehr lesen. Tonformat. Nur sie kann sie erlösen — wenn sie sechs Jahre lang kein Wort visit web page. Filme von James Mangold. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Arizona im August Einzig allein der letzte Teil des Show-downs ist eventuell ein wenig zu übertrieben und extrem ausgefallen, vielleicht das einzige kleinere Manko des Films. Er bekommt sein eigenes Reich zum Spielen. Todeszug nach Yuma. to Yuma. USA, FilmDramaWestern. Ein neuerlicher Versuch, das Western-Genre wieder. 21 Userkritiken zum Film Todeszug nach Yuma von James Mangold mit Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Peter Fonda - Todeszug nach Yuma ein Film von James Mangold mit Russell Crowe, Christian Bale. Inhaltsangabe: Der Farmer Dan Evans (Christian Bale) lebt mit seiner. "Yuma", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Todeszug nach Yuma - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | yuma film

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